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Ron Mace, founder and program director of
The Center for Universal Design, passed away
on June 29, 1998 in his home in Raleigh.
He was 56 years old.

Design Pioneer and Visionary of Universal Design Ron Mace was a nationally and internationally recognized architect, product designer and educator whose design philosophy challenged convention and provided a design foundation for a more usable world.

He coined the term “universal design” to describe the concept of designing all products and the built environment to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life. He was also a devoted advocate for the rights of people with disabilities which is reflected in his work.

He graduated from the School of Design at North Carolina State University in 1966 with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. After four years of practicing conventional architecture, he

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exterior cladding | Architecture & Design

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Schroder House – Gerrit Rietveld

Sources on Schroder House

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Expanded 1996 edition available at

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  Highly recommended for serious observers, and
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Yetsuh Frank, University of Oregon. Slide from photographer’s collection, January 1994. exterior eye level view photo.

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Design Cycle – MYP Design & Technology

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Design Review – Program – SDCI


Design Review Great Examples - Greenfire Campus is one example you'll find in our gallery

Design Review is one of the tools we use to create a better city. It gives our planners, residents, and the professional volunteers serving on the Design Review Boards a voice in the design of most new multifamily and commercial buildings. These participants in the design review process consider a broad set of design considerations and apply design guidelines that the architect must use to design the exterior of the building. Their guidance and recommendations help us promote designs that fit into and relate to the surrounding neighborhoods. They also offer flexibility with the code standards to achieve better designs.

Our Design Review Program and its boards review most private development projects in Seattle. We review multiple aspects of a building and its site, including some of the following:

  • The overall appearance of the building
  • How your proposal relates to adjacent sites and the overall street frontage
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V. Ryan
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The Problem and Design Brief are sometimes viewed as two
different sections of the design process. However, they are very closely
related. Before you can can start a design project you must find a ‘problem’
to solve. Sometimes this may be given to you as a question set by the
teacher or the Examinations Board and is usually a paragraph of writing. The
‘design brief’ follows the ‘problem’ and states clearly how you intend to
solve the design problem.

Below is an example of a design problem and brief.
Remember, the presentation is important especially if you are taking the
Graphic Products course. Above all the problem and brief must be easy to
read and follow, clearly saying what the problem is and how you intend

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Katherine Bedwell, Interior Design Director, Oppenheim

Bedwell is a bicontinental and multidisciplinary architect and designer. She was born in southern Chile and grew up in Miami. Katherine earned her BArch degree from Pratt Institute in New York, and later completed a Master’s degree in Architecture, at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.   Katherine has over 25 years of local and international professional experience designing, developing, managing, and liaising multidisciplinary projects in the fields of architecture, interiors & design. She specializes in high-end residential, hospitality, retail, exhibitions & furniture design. Some prominent projects she has worked on include:  The Ritz Carlton Residences in Miami Beach, Illa Bimini Resort and Residences in Bahamas, Omm Hotel in Barcelona, and LaLuz Restaurant located at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai´s DIFC district.

Katherine holds three design nominations – Delta Awards: 2007 & 2011, and Designpreis 2009. Her works have been published in professional magazines and books in Spain,

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25 Awesome Single Wide Mobile Home Living Rooms

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Single wide mobile home living rooms are difficult because there are only so many ways you can arrange the furniture. We thought it would be helpful to gather a bunch of photos of beautiful single wide living rooms to help you get ideas for decorating and arranging the furniture. We also found some tips about arranging furniture for small living room.

Tips on Arranging Furniture in a Single Wide

Single wide mobile homes usually have living rooms in the middle of the home with the kitchen and dining room right beside them. The shape is usually boxy and there are many points of entry that hinders furniture placement.

Living rooms should be as functional as they are beautiful. Hopefully, these tips and images will help you achieve that.

Consider your Traffic Patterns

The natural pathway for single wides usually includes a front door, a

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Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Most of us spend an awful lot of time in our living rooms and because of this these spaces should be functional, comfortable, cozy, and, ideally, have a bit of style too. 

To help you achieve this in your own home we’ve compiled a list of easy to execute interior designs ideas specifically for living rooms.

Living room design
Living room design ideas

Use mirrors to create space 

Carefully placed mirrors can create an illusion of spaciousness in rooms. They can also make spaces seem airy and luxurious. Try placing a large mirror over your mantlepiece or above the sofa. 

Raw wood gives a rustic feel 

To create a scandi-lux look in your living room try adding a bit of raw wood as an accent. Cladding your fireplace is an excellent and inexpensive way to do this. 

Get lux with jewel tones 

An easy way to update your space

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Designers of tumblr

Queens of The Stone Age gig poster

Ashwin Kandan / Shwin

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Name: João Vilares


Description: Blank Poster is a weekly updated platform that invites designers to create posters based on a randomly generated word. This is my poster submission for the word “ROAD”.


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My Moon and Stars

Moon – Stars – couple – kiss – love – black and white – ink

Commission me 🖤

Grab yourself

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