Tips to Illuminate the Exterior

Outdoor Lighting Design of your home is a major part of a good outdoor design. Though it may not seem important to some homeowners, you could achieve a greater looking home with proper management of exterior lights. If you need more inspiration for your landscape lighting design, catch Genevieve Gorder on her TV show “Dear Genevieve” for a lot of inspiring and classy ideas!

Why Should You Plan Your Outdoor Lighting Design

You might have mastered the art of illuminating your home’s interior but when the house is not lighted externally, due to a poor outdoor lighting design, a mirror effect is produced in the interior by the reflection of the light on the glass from the inside. In some cases, this could be a good idea but by cutting the relation between the interior and the exterior, the interior space would seem to shrink.

On the contrary, when the

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That Family Room Has a Certain Star Quality in ‘Levittown’

THE design philosophy of these postwar homes is simple: Put the family room in the rear, as far as possible from the street with windows facing the backyard, so that a working man can come home after a hard day, close out the world and spend time with his wife and children.

This layout was a signature element of many homes in Levittown, the housing development on Long Island that was created after World War II by Levitt & Sons to provide returning G.I.’s with affordable homes and the chance to put a war behind them and focus on domesticity.

A theatrical approximation of that family room might have sufficed for the production of Marc Palmieri’s play “Levittown,” running at the Theater at St. Clement’s through Aug. 1. But Michele Spadaro, the scenic designer, decided to suggest the architecture of the entire house. A few interior rooms, out of sight

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Digitally Presenting a Family Room Design – A Houck Designs

We hope you and your loved ones are well and navigating this uncharted water without too much hardship. These are trying times, to say the least. You are in our hearts as we move through them.

Turning to Video Design Presentations

Work continues at A. Houck Designs and our client projects are proceeding. Andrea is busy in the studio and team members are working from their homes. Like every other company, we’ve had to adapt our way of doing business to follow the social-distancing guidelines. Much of that adaptation has meant embracing new technologies and digital platforms. And quickly.

One new project, a family room design, served as the proving ground for our move from in-person presentations at clients’ homes to video presentations via Zoom. We are happy to report that the switch to digital design presentations has been fairly seamless. Fortunately, we had been using Powerpoint for years to

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What is Interior Design? : About : IIDA

The profession of Interior Design is relatively new, constantly evolving, and often confusing to the public. NCIDQ, the board for Interior Design qualifications, defines the profession in the best way: The Professional Interior Designer is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces.  Read the full definition from NCIDQ.

Designers Defining Themselves

Throughout the process – the journey – of the creative process, designers are constantly defining themselves and redefining their work. We’ve culled a few observations from our Members, friends and Board Members. We hope it provides a glimmer of inspiration for you in your work and your life.

“Good design combines usefulness with at least one of the following: beauty, comfort, efficiency, economy, or durability.”

-Michael Maurer, Principal, The Gettys Group, Chicago

“Design is everywhere…It touches and affects everyone. Design is human-centered.”

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New families to enjoy relaxing time at home with family members is the most thing awaited thing. One room that is very appropriate to gather in the family room. So from the Iku family room design must be made as comfortable as possible to provide a good atmosphere.

Limited space does not mean uncomfortable, even though the family room has a large area. For a family room does not have to be adjusted to the concept of the house for the whole but rather tailored to the needs of each family member, lest any family member feels uncomfortable with the interior of the family room.

To get the look of the concept of a modern family room certainly requires careful design planning. Not only is it interesting to look at but it also invites a sense of comfort in it, as for some modern living room ideas that you can

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Interior Design & Interior Decorating, Decorator, Durban, Ballito, Umhlanga, Hillcrest, La Lucia

  • Design Ahead Featured on Get-It Magazine

Design Ahead featured on the
cover of Get-It Magazine (Ballito-Umhlanga, May). A home recently re-decorated
by Design Ahead was selected as the location for the photo-shoot. The house had
been on the market several times, with no serious offers. The owners wanted a
stylish modern look to update the interior of the home. The make over had the
desired affect – the house sold, fully furnished, shortly after the re-vamp.

Design Ahead & Get-it Magazine


Home page of Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Interior Decorating Durban Ballito Umhlanga Hillcrest, Interior Design Durban Ballito Umhlanga Hillcrest © Design Ahead Interior Design And Decorating

Durban North, Umhlanga, Ballito, La Lucia Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Interior Decorating Durban Ballito Umhlanga Hillcrest, Interior Design Durban North, Umhlanga, Ballito, La Lucia – Design Ahead Interior Design And Decorating

Home page of Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, Interior Decorating Durban Ballito Umhlanga Hillcrest, Interior Design

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Exterior Design Trends and Ideas

With the coming of 2011, we’re not only seeing the beginning of a new year, but a new decade as well. Many things have changed over the course of the last ten years — politically, economically, and culturally. We spoke with architects and designers nationwide to see what design trends and ideas are here to stay and what recent events have shaped the exteriors of residential building.

An incredibly important point was brought up by Philadelphia-based architect Jeff Krieger of Krieger + Associates Architects Inc: “This is my philosophical take on things. I’ve always said the study of architectural history is a way of evaluating cultural beliefs and values. You can look at a building and understand that it is a reflection of society’s values and there really is a shift going on over the last two generations from the post-war [period].” He discussed the small, affordable, modest homes of

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Mediterranean Decor Mediterranean Decorating Design Ideas Pictures Decor Colors

Mediterranean Interiors

Mediterranean Interior Design

Design Focused on Texture, Color and Theme

(Image Left) When decorating Mediterranean, consider the centuries old European tradition focused on texture, color and theme. Update your Mediterranean bathroom decor with stylish free-standing funiture. Add authenticity to your Mediterranean bath with a linen hutch complete with wrought iron doors.

(Images Below) Softening a room, with the rich warmth of home textiles, can make the space feel more inviting. Wall hangings give focus to the room and are the ideal textural contrast to stone and metal.  Consider wall tapestry, luxury table runners, artwork and wrought iron when creating color and textural contrast in your old world decorating theme.

Casual Furniture in Warm Woods and Dark Colors

Mediterranean style furniture can range from an informal simple look, to a more formal design. Create a Mediterranean Look with iron and wood furniture from Accents of Salado. Attention to

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PLANNING A BEDROOM | An Architect Explains

A Bedroom is primarily used for Sleeping, Resting, Convalescing, Dressing/Undressing, Storing Clothes, Personal Care etc which means it has to be a very private space away from the rooms meant for entertaining guests. A Bedroom is also used for other activities like Reading, Writing, Studying, Working, Watching TV, Listening to music, Caring for Infants, Sewing, Telephoning, Drawing/Painting, Doing Exercise, Hobbies, Storing bulk/seasonal items and should have calm and peace. Therefore in designing a Bedroom, one has to know some planning considerations:

  • The number of occupants of the bedroom – whether Single Occupancy or Double Occupancy.
  • The age of the occupants – whether a Master Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom or a Guest Bedroom.
  • Size and type of Furniture.
  • Space allowance for Furniture.
  • Clearance and space around the Furniture for movement.
  • Storage space for clothes, dressing etc


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Event Decor | Event Design

Event Decor Rentals  –  Life is an Event. Make it Epic!
Set up and take down services available

During this time of Covid-19, we are available via email or phone.  We can answer your questions and can actually help with designing your event/wedding.   We are able to email you photos of suggestions.  We suggest you get your dates booked as soon as possible for 2020 as we have several events that were booked during March, April and May, postpone and booked later in the year.  Everyone, please stay safe and healthy.

Your Premier Event Décor Decorator for Weddings, Receptions, Corporate Events, Special Occasions and more…

For your event we offer set up and take down of our items.

Know why this is very important? Most people have no idea how long it takes to set things up and if it is the mother of the bride doing it, she finds

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