From the very first request for customization, Design Lab jumped in and solved every little issue I had. Quick and nice. My compliments for the excellent service and the friendly approach.

My customer wanted a clean look and a nice design that still had great features for a blog.
The Brilliant Plus theme embraced her wishes and was very easy to use.
As an extra bonus, it was affordable on a low budget.
Customer service helped with a few issues quick and friendly. Thank you!

Most WordPress themes go for $40 – $60 and offer too many options. They are just too complicated for me. The Box Plus allowed me to envision the site before i added any content to it.Your solution was perfect for my budget!

Design Lab are great! I use the Box Plus and they are always trying to improve the theme to keep it fresh and up to date.
They keep adding more and more theme options. I have asked them for a couple of custom features and they do their best to integrate them as appropriate.

The Box Plus allowed me to create a powerful website in only a few hours.
The staff was very friendly and responded to all of my questions and customization requests quickly. If you want a clean, affordable, and customizable theme look no further.

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