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13+ Best of The Best Basement Laundry Room Design Ideas

TSP Home Decor – Creating a basement laundry room sounds like a great idea, considering this room may require certain space in your home while on the other hand, you are running out of space.

Utilizing the unused room under your house could be a huge help after all. But of course, you will need some design ideas before creating this underground laundry room. This is why we are going to talk about it through this article after all.

Cozy contemporary basement laundry room

Basement laundry room ideas

The picture above is an example of a cozy laundry room with a contemporary concept. This room uses the warmth sense provided by the woods.

Wood, in fact, gives the warmth and cozy look in every room and space occupied by them. Even the wooden table top works really well to make the room feels nice effortlessly.

Basement laundry room with bright blue color

Basement washing room design
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Turning a Basement Into A Family Room: Designs & Ideas

Basement Family Room

A Fun and Comfortable Space (1): Some ways to make the basement family room more fun and entertaining would be to have a pool table (2) or a pit, pillow mound, or beanbags in front of the TV area seen in picture (3). If you want to turn your basement TV room into a home theater have a look at our post here for ideas: (Designs and Ideas For a Basement Home Theater).

Snacks and Drinks: A bar countertop is something to have in a family living room (4), along with a small refrigerator for drinks and snacks. If you want to go a step further there is the option of a dry or even a wet bar (8 Different Basement Bar Ideas and Designs).

Dividing Into Rooms: If you have a large basement space it can be divided up to create multiple rooms. Or even just

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A Second Chance: From Raw Basement to Family Room

Valuable Real Estate

Photo by Erik Rank

In the quest for extra square footage, a dry, unfinished basement is a holy grail. For the cost of some finish work and mechanicals upgrades, you can get a whole new room, sometimes two or three.

For years kitchen designer Karen Berkemeyer used her below-grade space as a laundry room. But the desire for what her home lacked—an informal space for family lounging and TV viewing—caused her to take a second look. “We never had one space where we could all gather and watch a movie,” says Berkemeyer. So the basement was transformed into just that, and during the process upgrades were made to the laundry room and storage closet, and a full bath was added, allowing the space to double as a guest suite.

Letting in the Light

Photo by Erik Rank

Though only one was required to meet code, two egress

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47 Cool Finished Basement Ideas (Design Pictures)

Modern basement game room with mood lighting and pool table

These cool finished basement ideas share a variety of exciting ways you can get the most out of your extra living space. A finished basement design gives you, family and friends a place to hang out and enjoy any time of year. From home bars, game rooms, home gyms or movie rooms there are tons of ways to create a finished basement you’ll love.

In modern homes, game room are starting to become an essential part of the house. The modern basement game room shown in the image above with mood lighting make this area look just like a high end nightclub. Gorgeous cone pendant lights over the pool table are ideal for a focused lighting which are perfect for the game. A stylish hideout for the man of the house and his friends.

Finishing a Basement

By definition, the Basement is the lowest habitable level of a building or

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Create a Boho Basement Family Room via Online Interior Design

5 Ways to Create a Basement Family Room That You Will Want To Use

Hi Friends! Welcome back to Postbox Designs. I’m Kristin, mama to three, wife, and Doodle owner. If we haven’t met before, I ditched my full time job as an interior designer about three years ago when the work-life-balance got out of wack. With three kids it was tough to balance everyone’s schedules. Then I realized so many people were just like me: multi-tasking rockstar women who were just trying to fit in their To Do lists everyday. And while so many women wanted a beautiful home…who has the time to do the buy-and-return cycle? Or it was so overwhelming, they left that dreaded task to another day…then three years went by and they still have an unfinished room. So I started working exclusively via Online Interior Design. Now I design rooms for clients all

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Basement Family Room Design Ideas

Create a casual living place and in the basement for the entire family.

Gild and Wit

Farmhouse family room basement designed with a charcoal gray sofa, yellow stripe accent pillows, and a black and white plaid rug.

Chango & Co.

Black and white plaid rug in a large farmhouse basement family room featuring a gray sofa and two oversized gray ottomans.

Chango & Co.

A gray sectional accented with white and gray pillows sits on a gray flokati rug facing round black and gray clustered coffee tables.

Vanessa Rome

Welcoming basement family room is furnished with a low gray sectional placed on a gray flokati rug at clustered black and gray coffee tables.

Vanessa Rome

Fun, family-friendly basement game room boasts an industrial wood and metal ping pong table atop dark stained oak wood floors.

Waterleaf Interiors

Contemporary basement family room features a black built in wet bar with a

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Designing My Enormous Basement Family Room Online

basement family roomZack S. was at a loss when it came to transforming his large empty basement into a functional family room. See how we helped him complete the space once and for all.


basement family room

Homeowner: Zack S, Computer Whiz

Location: North Salt Lake, Utah

Room: Blank Slate Basement Family Room

His Style: Discerning Collector

The Backstory

Finding the perfect family home with a blank slate basement, ready to be decorated

When we first toured our house, it was completely empty. It has a huge basement and we knew from the moment we saw it that it would be our family room. We also knew that we wanted to make it a beautiful space where our kids could play and we could relax — all with budget in mind, of course.

basement family room

basement family room

Zack’s Basement Family Room Before

The Design Dilemma

Struggling to visualize how an unusually large space could be family and pet-friendly


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