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Interior designer – Designing Buildings Wiki

Interior designers plan and design building interiors. This might include; offices, hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, hospitality, healthcare, theatre set and exhibition design, domestic interiors, and so on. It may involve interiors for new buildings, or the redevelopment of existing spaces.

Interior design is not a clearly defined practice. It covers a wide range of activities and includes elements of the creative arts and of architecture. The profession is a relatively new one, and the title is not regulated, that is, anyone can call themselves an interior designer.

Interior design is sometimes perceived to be a matter of interior decoration, but in fact, it is a complex subject that often involves working alongside other professionals such as architects and engineers as part of a larger project, and requires detailed knowledge of:

Many interior designers work on a freelance basis, others are employed by consultancies, or work through agencies. They may

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Glamping and Boutique buildings – Modular Glamping & Boutique

  • Boutique Collection

    Boutique Collection

    FROM £29,995
    Browse our range of high quality fully insulated SIP garden rooms in our boutique collection.

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  • Glamping Range

    Glamping Range

    FROM £13,000
    Browse our range of high quality fully insulated SIP glamping rooms.

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Welcome to Modular Glamping & Boutique

Welcome to Modular Glamping and Boutique, home of the UK’s most advanced range of Glamping and Boutique buildings.

We can ensure that our high quality range of leisure buildings will go beyond expectations, in addition to being competitively priced. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Profile

Our mission is to provide innovative accommodation in the leisure market. We currently have a range of various sized buildings to suit different budgets and requirements. Unwind and feel cosy in our Glamping Pods or live in luxury with our Boutique Collection.

Why Choose us

The beauty of our buildings is that they can be simply dropped into

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Preservation Brief 14: New Exterior Additions to Historic Buildings: Preservation Concerns

Detail of the side of a brick house and smaller brick and glass addition at dusk.

Detail of new addition shown in Figure 4. Photo: © Maxwell MacKenzie.


Anne E. Grimmer and Kay D. Weeks

A new exterior addition to a historic building should be considered in a rehabilitation project only after determining that requirements for the new or adaptive use cannot be successfully met by altering non-significant interior spaces. If the new use cannot be accommodated in this way, then an exterior addition may be an acceptable alternative. Rehabilitation as a treatment “is defined as the act or process of making possible a compatible use for a property through repair, alterations, and additions while preserving those portions or features which convey its historical, cultural, or architectural values.”

The topic of new additions, including rooftop additions, to historic buildings comes up frequently, especially as it relates to rehabilitation projects. It is often discussed and it is the subject of concern, consternation,

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