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‘Divine Design’ TV renovation caused mould in family room, homeowner says

It was the room Jyoti Parmar was most proud of — her family room featured on the now defunct home renovation show Divine Design, hosted by renowned interior designer Candice Olson.

But now Parmar is frustrated, because she recently discovered extensive mould damage in the room. damage she believes was caused by the TV show team.

Parmar found black mould behind the banquette. The hole in the drywall that exposed the drain is between the two two-by-fours in the corner. (Jyoti Parmar)

“It’s not something I would really show off anymore … It’s really tarnished the whole experience.”

After Parmar and her husband bought their Thornhill home in 2005, she applied to appear on Divine Design.

In 2009, the show agreed to renovate Parmar’s family room.

“We thought we had won the lottery. It was so exciting,” said the mother of three. “They took out everything, so it was a

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