Characters and Scenes for Storyboarding & Design

Chastity Fabry

comic characters and scenes you can use to develop great product

Mary, AnaLi, Pravin, Joe, Miguel, Galina and others to build design
stories for your products or web sites. Lots of emotions, angles, and
Scenes Scenes
Scenes of the characters on the phone, interacting with one another,
and in out-of-the office locations.
Examples Examples
Examples of full comic stories and tips on what makes a good story.
In The Works In The Works
A bit of information about new scenes and
characters in development.
Backstory Backstory
How these comics and this web site came to be.
Collaboration Collaboration
How to add your own scenes and characters.
Source Files Source

Graphic source files in JPEG, PNG, and
Adobe Illustrator format.

A note on
file formats:

Most of the files on this site are in slide (presentation) format,
which we’ve found is the best way to develop and share storyboards in
distributed teams. The slides

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