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UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design


embARC is a four week summer design program at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design that brings together high school students from diverse backgrounds to explore architecture, urban design and sustainable city planning through integrated components: an Architecture + Urban Design Studio, a Sustainable City Planning Workshop, a Digital Design Workshop, an Environmental Design Conversation Series and a Community Build project. 

Video: embARC Summer Design Academy

embARC high school student in Architecture & Design Studio

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Explore architecture, urban design and city planning as possible college majors and careers

Develop technical and time-management skills through college-level coursework

Work with peers who have similar interests

Build a design portfolio to use when applying to college

Be exposed to actual public policy issues and make a real impact on your world

Earn a certificate of completion and credit on an official UC Berkeley

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Interior Design – Bridgerland Technical College

The Interior Design program prepares students for a fast-paced, competitive industry that demands high professional standards. Students will be introduced to the latest and most relevant 3D software programs in the design industry such as:  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp Pro. The learning environment is project-based, focusing on creative and technical skills while applying software programs.  Coursework includes design theory, space planning, architectural detailing, building codes, and calculations. Students are mentored by industry professional instructors who provide one-on-one support.

Qualifying students will be provided with client projects, field trips, and possible internships at the Las Vegas World Market. Upon completion of this competency-based certificate, students are prepared to begin their career in the Interior Design industry.

Program Objectives:

  • Graduates will demonstrate competency in creative and technical skills by taking a client’s inspiration to a complete design concept.
  • Graduates will prepare and present client projects demonstrating professionalism in verbal
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Girl and cardboard clone

Naomi Mareschal

Bachelor of Architecture

Naomi Mareschal became interested in design at a young age, and under unlikely circumstances. Originally from New Orleans, she became intrigued with architecture after her family’s home flooded from Hurricane Katrina.

“After Hurricane Katrina, I lived in a FEMA trailer on my front yard,” she shared. “Over those two years, I watched my house get rebuilt from the ground up. Having been amidst all the design decisions of the house I now inhabit, I have ever since then been fascinated with all things architecture and its related professions (construction, interior design, etc.)”

“Architecture draws from all of the subjects I’m most interested by: art, science, technology and environmental awareness,” she said. “You have to constantly consider so many factors to be able to successfully design and create architecture, which has been a welcomed challenge.”

Naomi said architecture is the ideal field for her, since she

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Video Game Design Schools and College Programs

Video Game Design Schools and College Programs

Check out some 2019 programs offering video game design

Some of the most cutting-edge, exciting careers are in the video game industry. Game designers bring their ideas to this industry, working with programmers and artists in a studio to see their vision come to life.

But is it possible to be one of those lucky people who actually make it as a video game designer in a studio? With enough talent, training, and a good demo reel, you CAN. But you’ll most likely need the right training to get started.

Below we have included some video game design school & college program listings. With locations in the US, Canada & Online, there should be some options to consider that are close by. 

Game design school listings

Don’t let your parents nag you about your late night video game fix anymore. Request information, find

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College of DuPage – Graphic Design


The Graphic Design program at College of DuPage provides an education that will prepare you for your occupation. Whether you’re starting up or brushing up, Graphic Design at COD has what you’re looking for.

Interior Design | Saddleback College

Classes suggested for beginning Interior Design students:

  • ID 112 – BEGINNING DRAFTING FOR INTERIORS (required for many classes)

The following three courses don’t have prerequisites and satisfy General Education (GE) requirements in the Arts for the Associate Degree. They are offered in both formats: online and on campus.

ID-110 Fundamentals of Interior Design

Introductory interiors course covering design elements and principles and color theory. Overview of walls, floors, window coverings, lighting, furniture arrangement, and pattern coordination.

ID 122 History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings I  

Overview of the decorative arts, period furniture and interior architecture from antiquity through the 18th century in Europe.

ID 125 History of Interior Architecture and

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Welcome to Interior Design – Santa Barbara City College

Interior design focuses on the creation of interior environments that are both functional
and pleasing. The field offers a variety of employment opportunities with interior
design and architectural firms, kitchen and bath design studios, as well as with interior
materials and furniture stores. A combination of education, work experience and passing
the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam is required for
interior design professionals.

The SBCC Interior Design Program, offered within the Drafting CAD Department, provides
comprehensive training for entry-level interior design positions. It is a vocational
program, not a transfer program. Certificated, professionally experienced instructors
teach all courses.

Successful completion of each Interior Design(ID) course earns full college credit.
Students who complete the required Interior Design, Art, Art History and Drafting
courses and controlled electives earn a Certificate of Achievement in Interior Design.
Those who also complete institutional and General Education course requirements earn
the Associate in

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NC State College of Design

The work of graphic design is twofold: it gives shape to messages and information in the form of designed artifacts, and it facilitates people’s interaction with messages and information in the form of physical and digital interfaces. Graphic designers envision the artifacts and interfaces they create as part of larger systems, effectively representing and communicating networks of services, experiences, and products. The best graphic design meaningfully promotes, educates, directs, informs, exposes, clarifies, beautifies, and delights the people who engage with it.

Graphic designers:

  • Communicate information and messages through typography, images, symbols, physical materials, and digital platforms
  • Visualize, prototype, and produce artifacts and interactions such as books, magazines, identity systems, product packaging, signage, websites, applications, and data visualizations
  • Employ human-centered research methods to understand and inform design decisions
  • Develop strategies and systems for making services more accessible to users
  • Collaborate with other experts, such as ethnographers, software engineers, psychologists, and computer
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