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Design Mom’s Colorful Family Room

What do you do when your family outgrows your family room? Ask Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom! As her six kids got older, she realized her family room had turned into a space no one wanted to spend time in. So, she turned to us to help transform the space into a colorful, inviting room that’s perfect for playing games, music lessons and spending time together. Read on to see the space and learn more about Gabrielle.

What was the most challenging part about redesigning your family room?

Well, the room really needed to do two totally separate jobs, but feel like one cohesive space. First, the room needed to be a traditional family room with a TV, hang out space, board games, books, Legos, and dolls. 

But the room also needed to be a music room with a place for the piano, the drum kit, the keyboard, the guitars,

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