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Exterior Color Design by Cooper Stepp HOME

Welcome to ExteriorColorDesign.com, a division of Cooper Stepp & Associates, Inc. a full service branding agency located in Dallas,Texas.

The Art of Colorful Exterior Design starts with branding at your buildings doorstep.

Your color curb appeal, whether paint, landscape design and colorful flower design, or signage attract attention.             

The degree or depth of paint color tones, all comes in to play when when setting a look for your image. Color can cost a business foot traffic & clients, or draw traffic in the door and make is successful. Color can sell, it’s the forgotten amenity for many companies.  What does your exterior say about your company image? 

Signage Color plays a very important role in complementing your exterior design. Notice the previous colors chosen and the changes made.  We took in to account all colors involved with this project. 
The Exterior is an extension of the interior.

Don’t let the

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