COTE DE TEXAS: My Design: Family Room

Well, the big day finally arrived. The sofa, pictured above, that I picked out months ago was delivered this week. It’s an old cliche, but very true: A designer can decide in a nanosecond what her client needs, but when it comes to the designer’s own home? Forget it! The hold up was I couldn’t decide what chairs would look good with the sofa because it has dramatic lines, with a high curved back, great depth, low – almost nonexistent – arms, and gorgeous, dark wood mouton legs. The truth is, I have waited my whole life for a George Smith sofa and arm chairs and I guess I’ll be waiting for another life time. It’s just not going to happen this time. As hard as I tried to make a pair of Smith’s club chairs work, they just didn’t look good next to the French styled sofa. So, after

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COTE DE TEXAS: Webb Design: The Albans House


Last fall, my neighbor directly across the street approached me about decorating her house. What a job! Across the street – who can argue with that? I absolutely loathe taking jobs across town, and as I have gotten older, I am really not accepting work outside the loop – well, outside the beltway I guess. My days of traveling past the airport for work are over, especially now with the blog. I just don’t have the time to spend it fighting Houston’s horrendous traffic. So commuting by foot is definitely tempting – and I gladly accepted the job. My neighbor has two dogs, one senior citizen and one puppy (who once ran away and I had to chase after him for thirty minutes with no luck – even dangling What-A-Burger fried chicken as a bribe, which he scoffed at. Now there’s a new invisible fence around the perimeter of their

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