Create and Maintain a Design System

Chastity Fabry

A design system is a collection of reusable functional elements–components and patterns–guided by clear standards that product teams use to create a consistent experience across a range of products. Design systems act as a single source of truth for an entire organization by using a singular design language to guide the development of products. Learn more about UX design systems and how design teams can benefit from them.

By Patrick Faller

Learn how organizations’ maturity around design systems unlocks business value and higher customer satisfaction.

Don’t be a “dummy.” Design with content.

By Jenna Brucoli

No matter how beautiful or consistent your design system is, if it wasn’t developed with actual content, look out!

Design your team to design products of the future

By Lindsay Munro

Eric Snowden shares his tips and the principles you need to create a comprehensive design system.

A design system consists of both tangible and intangible elements. Components, patterns, and style guides are tangible elements:

  • Components are functional elements of a
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Porch decorating ideas that will create a magical oasis

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Just like the patio, the porch is one of those areas that doesn’t get as much attention due to the weather still not cooperating. Additionally, let’s not forget most if not all of us are stuck in quarantine, wishing, and wanting to go outside. For the lucky ones, who have a porch its time to embrace the space and take it to the next level, with a few of these delightful ideas. The following ideas will help your porch become the perfect, relaxing oasis to create a delightful, ethereal outdoor space.


minimal decor porch Porch decorating ideas that will create a magical oasis
When going the minimal route, consider using a porch swing. The contrast will create a modern appeal that makes the room feel chic.

To create the perfect vacation oasis, you want to take things into your own hands and go the minimal route. Minimal décor works great when you want to create a magical space due to it

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Family Room Lighting Design and Installation – Create the Perfect Living Space!

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Your family room is where you gather to spend time together, and next to the kitchen, it’s likely the center of activity in your house. You spent time choosing the furniture and decor, but perhaps the most important aspect of your family or living room is the lighting. From the central fixture to the floor lamps, you want the lights to be just right. At a Lighting One® member showroom, you’ll find options that fit your style and your budget.

Where to Start?

The best way to know where to start is to determine your lighting needs. Are you building a new home, or are you renovating the home you already own? If you’re starting from scratch with new construction, your options can seem virtually endless. If you’re renovating, you may have a theme in mind that ties in with the current design or layout of the room. If you’re

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Create a Farmhouse Family Room + How to Style an Open Floor Plan Room

Chastity Fabry

Hi Friends, this is Kristin from Postbox Designs Interior E-Design. I’m back this month with a custom designed Mood Board just for you Remodelaholic readers!  Every month I choose a different room of the home, with a different style to help you get inspired with your own home. This month I created a rustic Farmhouse Family Room. This Mood Board is full of neutral, well-made pieces such to last you a long time.

Farmhouse Family Room Mood Board

Tips for creating a beautiful modern rustic farmhouse family room, plus tricks to style an open floor plan. Includes affordable farmhouse furniture sources.

farmhouse family room decor sources below

This post contains affiliate links; read our full disclosure policy here. 

This month I also wanted to address furniture layout when you have a tricky space to furnish. Recently I worked with a client that had a beautiful, open floor plan with high ceilings. However, because of the lack of walls and such an open, flowing space, she was having a hard time coming up with

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4 Neutral Family Room Design Makeovers + 4 Ways to Create One Yourself!

Chastity Fabry

I think we can thank the Fixer Upper craze for reminding us all that “neutral doesn’t have to be boring!”. But over the last few years as an interior designer, I’ve seen my clients ask for less rustic and farmhouse and more Modern & Neutral Family Room design ideas. They want a comfortable, cozy look that is still polished and streamlined. That definitely sounds like a look I can embrace!

And if you are new to Postbox Designs, Interior E-Design, then you popped over on a good week! This week I’m sharing a recent Family Room makeover, AND I’m sharing three other neutral Family Room designs.
Postbox Designs Interior E-Design: 5 Ways to Create a Neutral Living Room Design, modern neutral living room decor, neutral family room via Online Interior Design, neutral home decor

Neutral Family Room Design Tip #1: Stick with These Five Colors

A good way to set up a neutral Family Room design is to stick with a subtle palette of colors. Add interest with patterns, textures and different shades of these colors. To

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Create Kerb Appeal | Back to Front Exterior Design Consultancy

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“We initially saw inspirational from the Back to Front website but thought the services were really out of our price range; however, after contacting Alex, who I have to say before I parted with a single penny gave me well over an hour of her time complimentary. This was decided that Alex & Jo were the people for our project.

Alex is very much a straight talker; so if you ask for her honest opinion, expect it. That’s what you’re paying for right?

Equally, Alex has a wealth of experience and knowledge that excites and energises the process. Her passion for sustainability, classic and elegant designs is exemplary in her portfolio. We also gave Alex our initial architect’s design and here, she identified a plethora of errors and corrected these before we started our build. 

Alex’s attention to detail, care, integrity and creativity is really second to none. You

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Create an Awesome Home Game Room with These 26 Ideas

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Calling all gamers, pool sharks, and board game collectors! Do you have a spare room at home? Consider transforming it into the game room of your dreams! Whether your game space is a Vegas-themed mini casino or an arcade room dedicated to everything ’80s, these awesome ideas will help you create the best entertainment room and level up your home.

Create a Versatile Rec Room

Room with pool table and guitars on wall. Photo by Instagram user @mediavine
Photo via @mediavine

Combine all of your favorite games and creative outlets to form the coolest entertainment room on the block. Play a round of pool, jam out on your guitar, and watch a couple of movies all in the same place.

Go All Out with a Theme

Minecraft-themed room with bean bag chairs. Photo by Instagram user @moanassecretgetaway
Photo via @moanassecretgetaway

If you’re super passionate about one game, use it as inspiration for your entire space! Whether it’s PacMan, Pikachu, or Princess Peach, use your favorite video game characters and their worlds as wall decor.

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How to Create Modern House Exterior and Interior Design in Spanish Style

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Spanish architecture and interior design in Spanish style are strikingly beautiful and unique. Old and modern house design in Spanish style have several very attractive features that make these homes distinct and desirable. Spanish style architectural designs and elements of interior decorating create elegant and majestic homes. Lushome shares a few ideas how to create modern house design and interiors in Spanish style.

House design and home interiors in Spanish style emphasize the connection with the nature. Natural materials are combined with warm rich colors, creating a pleasant, natural and friendly atmosphere and gorgeous rooms enriched by various textures. Spanish homes are wonderful for all who enjoy the serenity, elegant simplicity and beauty of unique details.

Old and modern house designs in Spanish style have stucco siding along with several other distinct features, like arches, cozy courtyards and dark wood elements. Charming courtyards, arched loggias, elegant porches and water fountains,

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Create a Boho Basement Family Room via Online Interior Design

Chastity Fabry

5 Ways to Create a Basement Family Room That You Will Want To Use

Hi Friends! Welcome back to Postbox Designs. I’m Kristin, mama to three, wife, and Doodle owner. If we haven’t met before, I ditched my full time job as an interior designer about three years ago when the work-life-balance got out of wack. With three kids it was tough to balance everyone’s schedules. Then I realized so many people were just like me: multi-tasking rockstar women who were just trying to fit in their To Do lists everyday. And while so many women wanted a beautiful home…who has the time to do the buy-and-return cycle? Or it was so overwhelming, they left that dreaded task to another day…then three years went by and they still have an unfinished room. So I started working exclusively via Online Interior Design. Now I design rooms for clients all

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Create Home – Exterior Design and Color Selection

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Home Exterior Color Selection is the best and simple tool for design your home exterior with different window , door , terrace , pillar , balcony , wall , loft , garden , chair , tree , elevation and color ideas with designs

Home Exterior Color Selection is Useful For Interior Designers Painters, Choosing Room color ,Paint Tester, Color combination and matching right texture and color for your Exterior wall,

Very Easy tool to create your own and future home designs by just drag and drop

use the color picker for changing the wall color such as (red , blue , Orange , green , black ) color and texture based on your color and texture choice.

Home Exterior desigins color selection app is very useful for ( Interior designers , Painters , Shop owner , personal home made and Engineers) app for make Exterior .

We can change wooden

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