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Design Solutions for Exterior Decks: Q&A :: Weyerhaeuser

Does this brutally long winter we have struggled through have you dreaming of warmer days where you can enjoy grilling or just relaxing outside? Does your summer plan include building a new exterior deck? If so, the following commonly asked questions we receive may help you in the design and construction of your new deck.

Q: How do you connect the deck ledger board to a Trus Joist® floor system?

A: The connection of the deck ledger to the supporting structure is a critical connection that requires special attention and detailing. Detail LA on page 8 of our Specifier Guide TJ-4000highlights typical connections and detailing for the deck ledger board to a TJI® floor system. The deck ledger to Trus Joist or TimberStrand® LSL rim board fastener capacities shown in the table below can be used to determine appropriate fastener spacing for both lag and through bolts. These ledger fastener

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