Exterior paint designs-exterior paint color and design for your home

Chastity Fabry


A Victorian house in fluorescent hues would look terrific in the San Fransisco neighborhood, but would it be the best for your home? Get great ideas for your exterior paint designs… 

(Ideas for exterior paint designs)

Terrified Of Picking Exterior Paint Designs? Here Are Some Tips! 

 Picking out the best exterior paint color and design for your home is not as easy as it sounds. In fact without guidance it could be a disaster in most cases! Your home could look featureless and flat with the wrong colors; at the same time the right kind of colors could bring out the best in the architectural details. Here are some tips you could follow: 

Exterior paint color and design

(Exterior paint color and design) 

  • Get a blast of color from the past – if you are painting an old home, recreating the original color of the building will be historically correct and
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