10 Favorite Details for Stylish Living Rooms

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Good morning, chic readers! We hope your Monday is off to a great start and that you are poised and ready to tackle this week. We are so excited to share a few of our all-time favorite living rooms–and a few of the features that we think most great living rooms have in common. So take a few minutes, refill your coffee, and reset your mind with these stunning rooms that can’t help but inspire you to a more productive (and comfortable!) day. 

living rooms
Lauren Elaine Interiors via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


  1. A fabulous focal point. In this room, this beautiful fireplace serves as a stunning focal point. We love the antique feel. 


living rooms
Serena & Lily


2. A chic, well-decorated coffee table. Just take a page from Serena & Lily. They never disappoint. 


living rooms
Andrew J. Howard Interiors


3. Statement art. Speaking of never disappointing, Andrew

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Colonial Home Exterior Design Details

By Todd Fratzel on Design, House Plans

Colonial Home Design

Recently a friend of ours shared a photo he took of our home last fall. I wanted to share it here and point out some of the design features of our colonial home. When it comes to two story homes the colonial style is by far the most cost effective type of home to build. Having said that, some people stray away because they feel the colonial style homes are too boxy. However, I think that if you spend some time on the details you can have a very attractive colonial style home. The following are some of the design features from our colonial home plans.

Farmers Porch

Farmers PorchThe farmers porch is probably the biggest design element that makes our home stand out from a typical “boxy” colonial house.  From the very beginning of the design process we included

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Exterior Elevations & Details – Breckenridge Home Design


Creating the Main Floor Plan – Breckenridge Home Design


Floorplan – 2nd Floor – Breckenridge Home Design


Floorplan – Garage – Breckenridge Home Design


Roof Options – Breckenridge Home Design


Exterior Elevations & Details – Breckenridge Home Design


Framing Part 1 Foundation Framing – Breckenridge Home Design


Framing Part 2 Roof Framing – Breckenridge Home Design


Framing Part 3 Steel & Iron Structural Framing – Breckenridge Home Design


Framing Part 4 Wall Framing – Breckenridge Home Design


Terrain & Siteplan Part 1 – Breckenridge Home Design


Siteplan & Landscaping Part 2 – Breckenridge Home Design


Kitchen Part 1 Room Layout, Cabinets, Dimensions – Breckenridge Home Design


Kitchen Part 2, Waterfall Island & Construction Drawings – Breckenridge Home Design


Master Bath Room Layout, Vanities & Construction Drawings – Breckenridge Home Design


Ceiling Options for a Master

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2020 Toyota Supra Design Analysis: Interior, Exterior, Details | Automobile Magazine

“In many ways, this car is a mess. An intriguing and attractive mess, yes, but a mess all the same. Lines don’t flow very well, details don’t really work, there are conflicting lines and surfaces, and there’s no coherent mechanical plan behind the non-running concept car seen in Detroit [at the 2014 auto show]. But go back to the 50 words in the preceding and note the one that counts: attractive.”

For all its oddities and awkwardness, the FT-1’s styling exercise appealed to a wide range of observers, including the most important one, Akio Toyoda, the CEO of Toyota who pushed the concept to production five years later. Our own omniscient Georg Kacher told us long ago Toyota was working with BMW on a joint-venture sports car. So instead of what I described five years ago as “a three-dimensional sketch,” which is all the FT-1 was, we now have a

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Exterior System Details – Stucco

The details that follow are standard details that depict proper detailing for cold-formed steel framed exterior walls with a conventional stucco finish. These details are adapted from the concepts provided by the Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC). Another source for these details is from the Western Wall and Ceiling Institute’s pamphlet entitled The Energy Code and Plaster Assemblies. Additional comments came from the Minnesota Lath & Plaster Bureau. The intent is to serve as a guide. Final approval of detailing for a specific construction project is the right and responsibility of the Architect of Record.




  1. Installation of insulation shall meet the requirements of the Foam Sheathing Committee’s Document TER 1205-05 (latest version) Construction Details for the Use of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) in Light-Frame Construction.
  2. Install continuous insulation with fasteners into cold-formed steel framing members.  Size, Type, and spacing of fasteners as
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