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10 Great Home Exterior Design Ideas For Double Wides

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When it comes to home remodeling most of us don’t have a professional designer helping us through every step. We have to decide on the right materials and colors ourselves.

An exterior home makeover or remodel is the most intimidating for me. I can tell you exactly what I want to be changed inside my home, down to the secondary trim color, but if you ask me about the exterior I get overwhelmed – I don’t know what siding or skirting I want, and I certainly don’t know which combination of the 2 will look best on my home.

So how do we figure out the right home exterior design for a manufactured home?  Look at other manufactured homes, of course!

10 Great Double Wide Home Exterior Designs

The homes below are wonderful examples of the various home exterior designs we can use on

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25 Versatile Home Offices That Double as Gorgeous Guest Rooms

With space becoming an absolute premium in modern homes, the decision to combine the guestroom with the home office is indeed a smart one. Whether you have a guest bedroom that is rarely used or a home office with some additional space, utilizing a single room in more ways than one requires both careful planning and a dash of creativity. Getting this accomplished, though, is a lot easier than it sounds, and we are here today with 25 delightful inspirations that will surely provide you with a clever template for your home office-guestroom.

The guest room-office combo is not just about putting a desk and bed together in a single space. It is all about creating a stylish, ergonomic and carefully curated environment where both settings feel perfectly at home. And you will be pleasantly surprised at how many of these rooms can even pull off ‘triple duty’ with

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