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33 jaw dropping exterior home design ideas

Natural wood may be the classic choice for home siding but don’t let that fool you into thinking wood is boring or predictable. Here are 36 examples of extraordinary houses made even more stunning with their creative uses of real wood.¬†

1. An Origami Inspired Wooden Facade

The use of different shapes and angles is a great way to make a big impression in architecture; the Archive house in Norway is a perfect example of this. The Kebony clad exterior is a completely new design, featuring dramatic lines inspired by the Japanese art of origami. The Archive house is a stunning creative achievement that draws your gaze and holds it. 

2. A Countryside Retreat Reinvented 

A farmhouse seems anything but modern and aesthetic, yet AR Design Studio completely reinvented just how stunning a countryside home can be. The Farmer’s House is a complete remodel/overhaul of a home on a private

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