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70 Beautiful House Exterior Design and Landscaping Ideas Enhanced by Topiary Art

Beautiful house exterior designs and front yard landscaping ideas can be beautifully and elegantly enhanced by topiary art, manicured hedges and colorful flower beds.  Topiary is the art of trimming and shaping hedges and single plants into various shapes, creating wonderful artistic forms in all sizes and styles. Neat and attractive hedges, colorful flower beds and topiary create fabulous accents, improve curb appeal and add charm to house design and yard landscaping ideas.

Regularly pruned hedges, beautiful flower beds and topiary give an artistic touch to yard landscaping ideas and enhance house exterior design by adding unique and luxurious details to their appearance. When it comes to home staging and selling a home, the house exterior and front yard landscaping are a huge factor in creating curb appeal and making the home more attractive and desirable to potential buyers.

Lushome collection shows how plants and flowers, neat hedges and topiary

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Neonatal intensive care nursery staff perceive enhanced workplace quality with the single-family room design

The survey instrument used in this evaluation was based on an assumption that an individual’s functional capacity for work is proportional to the employee’s perception of the quality of their working conditions.27, 29 Attitude, motivation, job satisfaction and emotional state are all critically influenced by perceptions of the workplace design features and influence job performance.29 Thus, the level of quality of different workplace design attributes may be referred to as perceived workplace occupancy quality.25, 26, 27

The intent of this investigation was to evaluate differences in the perceived workplace occupancy quality of NICU staff in the SFR NICU compared with the traditional OPBY NICU. The staff perceived workplace quality survey was comprehensive and covered a number of aspects of the physical work and emotional interactions in the NICU environment, which could have influenced NICU job performance. The survey instrument was also designed to include areas of particular

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