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10 Interesting Facts about Interior Design

As we know that Interior Design is very important things in the designing of building. Facts about Interior Design will inform you about process of designing the inside space such as doors, walls, lights, textures, windows, furnishings, etc. Interior design is aimed to make the place suitable for its function and people’s activities. Whereas a person who designs the interior is called as interior designer. The other facts about interior design will be explained below.

Facts about Interior Design 1: Disciplines

Structure, function, specialized performance, craft skills, special group needs, aesthetic disciplines, computer technology, discipline for business, and presentation skills are disciplines which are involved in interior design. It shows the coverage of interior design.

Facts about Interior Design 2: The Important things

Matching the colors to make them balance, knowing how colors affect space and moods, building and electrical codes, styles and trends, knowledge of fabrics are the important

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