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8 Tips For Making Your Home ‘Feel Like New’ For The Weekend

Before her home state of California established stay-at-home orders in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, interior designer Jessica McCarthy spent her days flitting between her office and her apartment.

Now, like many of us, her home is both her workplace and her living space, 24/7.

“It’s been challenging to find a balance, especially as a designer where I depend on the outside world to bring me inspiration,” McCarthy, the owner of JAM Creative Studio, told HuffPost. “I live in a studio apartment, so it makes it extra difficult to do this!”

Come Friday night, McCarthy ― again, like many of us ― is finding it hard to transition from the workweek to the weekend. It’s understandable; when your poor, put-upon living room is acting as your workspace (and if you’re a parent, the kids’ classroom), it’s increasingly hard to see it as a space for maximum relaxation.

How do

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In Redesigned Room, Hospital Patients May Feel Better Already

PLAINSBORO, N.J. — Can good design help heal the sick?

The University Medical Center of Princeton realized several years ago that it had outgrown its old home and needed a new one. So the management decided to design a mock patient room.

Medical staff members and patients were surveyed. Nurses and doctors spent months moving Post-it notes around a model room set up in the old hospital. It was for just one patient, with a big foldout sofa for guests, a view outdoors, a novel drug dispensary and a bathroom positioned just so.

Equipment was installed, possible situations rehearsed. Then real patients were moved in from the surgical unit — hip and knee replacements, mostly — to compare old and new rooms. After months of testing, patients in the model room rated food and nursing care higher than patients in the old rooms did, although the meals and care were

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