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Updates and decorating (finally!) in the family room + kitchen

Our house is not done. We have so much more to do with it, so many ideas and plans and sometimes it can feel a little frustrating to have the vision, but have to wait to bring it all to reality.

I do my very best to look around and see all the things we have done, to remember where we were just 10 months earlier, to be grateful for this big, wonderful house with its big, beautiful yard. But, ugh, sometimes I can feel a little impatient and a touch envious of all the pretty, finished homes out there (like my sister’s, my friend’s, anything by Studio McGee).

Our kitchen and family room are two rooms that we can’t wait to update. They are the heart of our home, the spaces we spend the most time in and hang out when our extended family and

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Finally, a Family Room Design That Actually Appeals to All Ages

In a family home, older and younger demands often battle it out for aesthetic supremacy. An adult rigidity yields to squidgy surfaces in the name of stain repellency. Or any evidence of offspring is squashed by a “look, don’t touch” preciousness. But in the case of this home in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, designer Carl D’Aquino and architect Francine Monaco, the duo that forms New York–based D’Aquino Monaco, blended the family’s needs without painful compromise. Look no further than the family room and study to get a sense of the home’s harmonious and exuberant mood.

During the year-and-change gut renovation of this Boston townhouse, the design team engaged in an ongoing “couture”-like confab to get a sense of the client’s wishes. “We love a dialogue,” D’Aquino says. “[The mother] wanted our first choices; she wanted our best; and she challenged us with ideas.” They determined that the family room and

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