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Exterior Design Ideas & Finishes

Custom Home Design: Exterior Finishing and Design Ideas

Now that the rough-ins stage is completed, it is important to have a beautiful appearance on the outside of your custom home. Finding exterior finishing that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is the key to custom home design. Do you need siding, and if so, what type? Ask yourself what kind of trim you want. How will it fair in the climate of the custom home?

Some of your siding choices are aluminum, brick, hardee plank, stucco, vinyl siding, and wood lap siding. Certain types of siding do better in different climates than others, and are more energy efficient for insulation or cooling your custom home. Please consult your custom home building professional for more ideas. The more home building material ideas you bring to your home building professional, the better your custom home building process will go.

Think of everything that is around your house when

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Different Types of Wall Finishes | Architectural Design

Different types of Wall Finishes and its application

In our previous article “Various Types of Wall Finishes“, we listed various Wall Finishes and discussed their applications. In this article, we will continue with our study of various other Wall Finishes.

Here is the list of the Wall Finishes for decorating the Interiors and Exteriors:

  1. Stained Glass Finish
  2. Pebbles Finish
  3. Flakes Finish
  4. Coral Finish
  5. Canfor Finish
  6. Tile Cladding
  7. Wood Panelling
  8. Sand Textured Finish

Stained Glass Finish

It involves lot of creative work. The glass is decorated with itching, frosting, glass pasting and finally colouring with suitable colours according to the theme. The stained glass panels are used on walls and ceilings.

Stained Glass Finish | Wall Finishes

Stained Glass Finish | Wall Finishes

Pebbles Finish

This a very simple and attractive finish obtained by pasting small pebbles on the walls with cement mortar as an adhesive.

Pebbles finish is usually preferred for exterior facade. It is also

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