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The Year’s Top Living Room Design Trends Flaunt Your Style

Too many people think that home design trends should be picked up and dropped with the seasons, slavishly following whatever designers say without referring to what they actually like. But that’s not the way it should be. Sure, design experts can offer valuable perspective on creating an atmosphere, and often have new ideas on how to do so. But your passions and preferences should always be part of the mix—and this year, the key living room design trends are all about putting your style on display.

From gallery-worthy pedestal side tables to TVs that double as artwork, these fashionable flourishes are another way to share your personality with your guests. Don’t hold back—go big on over-the-top maximalist touches like velvet and mohair fabrics on a curved sofa or chair. All this will help create a space that’s way better for starting conversations than any cookie-cutter living room.

Here’s a look

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