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Flipped’s Will Forte tells us what he hates in home decor

Illustration for article titled iFlipped’/is Will Forte tells us what he hates in home decor and if we’ll ever see iMacGruber/i again

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When Quibi launched earlier this week, it did so with several big-swing, big-money shows, including Flipped, an HGTV-infused comedy starring Will Forte, Kaitlin Olson, Arturo Castro, and more. As Jann, the show’s eccentric, self-absorbed protagonist, Forte once again plays the character you want to root for, but also would absolutely hate to be around. He’s not so much an antihero as a complete shithead, but one that still probably doesn’t deserve what he gets in the show—which is kidnapped by drug traffickers and forced to design and renovate their massive, tacky homes. The A.V. Club talked to Forte about his own design aesthetic prior to the Quibi launch, as well as the future of the MacGruber streaming show, and his delightful new puppy.

The A.V. Club: Prior to Flipped, how familiar were you with the home renovation genre?

Will Forte: I had such little knowledge

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