The Future of Patient Rooms for a Better Experience

Meet Jenny. When she gave birth to her second child a few months ago, she was exhausted and thrilled. Thanks to a new hospital policy, baby Carson stayed in the same room, never leaving for the nursery. The room was packed with well-intentioned family members as well as a wall-mounted computer for electronic medical records. All Jenny wanted was some quiet rest—and for the computer to stop waking up the baby.

Meet Meredith. When her mother was dying from cancer, Meredith practically lived at the hospital, ensuring her mom was never alone. That meant she had to make tough trade-offs. Not enough time for her husband. Or her dog. Or her job. What she didn’t expect was all the trade offs she was forced to make in her mom’s hospital room just to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

Meet Ansley. A nurse who deals with a lot of orthopedic patients,

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Modern Industrial Design Ideas and Future Technology

Herb Garden was the result when MIT engineers came together to design and develop best indoor garden in the world. They have spent thousands of hours researching plant science in order to design and test every detail of this project. They promise you that Herb Garden would be best hydroponics plant-growth technology that would turn […]

Herb Garden – Smart Indoor Gardening System by MIT Engineers

Ultima RS is the latest flagship model from Ultima sports, it pushes Ultima legacy to the next level with this road legal super car. It’s stylish, sophisticated, and of course fast. The company claims that Ultima RS would be the most thorough and comprehensive revision of road-legal Ultima supercar ever to be released. This sports […]

Ultima RS Road-Legal Sports Car Can Be Tuned
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How technology is changing the future of interior design

Ok, it’s no surprise that technology is literally changing everything around us, but one industry that hasn’t had as much advancement over the years comes in the form of interior design. It’s traditionally costly, timely, and requires a designer to come out and basically take care of everything unless you’re one of those handy types. While that may always be a popular method, regardless of the tech being introduced,  it doesn’t mean that there aren’t movers and shakers that are disrupting our typical outlook of the field to make it quicker and easier, while still keeping most of the power in the homeowner’s hands.

Take for example Houzz. While it may be on the more basic end of what technology can do for the industry, it can’t be denied that the service is changing how people remodel and update their homes. Users can browse through tens of thousands of different

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The Disruptive Future of Interior Design Is Here

Interior design has historically been a costly, time-intensive process that involved collaborating with an designer to envision, plan, and create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the customer, but functional as well.

The interior designer had to put in mounds of effort and energy to understand to their clients lifestyles in order to create the desired mood and feel, then reach out to trusted artisans, vendors, and others that could help execute the design.

Even with a clear vision of the home of one’s dreams, the average customer often faces difficulty articulating that vision into words. It’s the designer’s role to help bring the client’s vision to life, and while that often works out, there’s never a guarantee that the end result looks like what was expected.

Traditional interior design companies have operated successfully for a while but have declined to deliver meaningful innovation or undergo digital

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