Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel! HGTV Designer Critiques Late-Night Hosts’ Decor

Chastity Fabry

The stay-at-home orders enacted across the U.S. in recent weeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus have taken away Americans’ abilities to do many things. But one new pastime they’ve given us is analyzing the home decor of late-night hosts now broadcasting their shows from their respective houses.

TheWrap had HGTV “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” designer Breegan Jane critique the broadcasted homes of Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien. She was impressed by a few — and not so much by others. Jane preferred the spaces that have clearly been “dressed” for TV.

“It’s OK to set the stage a little bit,” she said. “I like the ‘A’ for effort.”

Stephen Colbert
Office: “There’s this beautiful warm wood credenza that’s

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Bold Family Room Makeover | HGTV

Chastity Fabry

Before: Boring Beige

The owners of this home recently added on a loft area, hoping it would become the go-to room for family fun and entertaining. They wanted bold colors for the walls to make the room pop, but their current color choice just fades into the background.

After: Bold Red

After its makeover, the room’s red walls give the space a clear beginning and end. Part of the room is open to the front-door entryway, and to help define the area, hanging artwork mimics the look of the windows.

Before: Too Much Light

Mixing warm colors like red with neutrals is a great way to make a room feel cozy. The couple tried to brighten their sterile family room with small accents of color, but since the room is so big, the red accessories got lost in a sea of beige. Another reason the red didn’t pop was that

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Minimalist Family Room | HGTV

Chastity Fabry

Suzanne and Les have an exceptionally beautiful Japanese-inspired backyard garden. It’s a wonderful expression of their Asian heritage- he’s Japanese, she’s Chinese and their daughters Amy and Leanne were adopted from China. Beautifully sculpted trees and greenery, stone walks and soothing waterfalls have made it a popular stop on the neighborhood garden tour. But if the garden is the perfect combination of yin and yang, the outdated sunken family room looking out onto it was far from being in balance. It was a mishmash of styles and inspiration-modern, shabby chic and even French country, with a dash of kid-toy overload thrown in.

Suzanne and Les asked me to bring the serenity of their Japanese minimalist garden into the family room while still accommodating their need for modern North American convenience and room for all the kids’ toys. Kids and minimalism?! I took some deep, meditative breaths and called in my

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