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Exterior Building Enclosures: Design Process and Composition for Innovative Facades

Acknowledgments v

Chapter 1 Basics 1

Understanding the Basics 1

Process 2

Definition 2

Functions 3

Elements and Forces on the Exterior Enclosure 23

Design Principles 43

Basic Types 51

Interfaces of Enclosure Types 52

Summary 53

Chapter 2 Participants 55

Owner 58

Architect 62

Engineers 67

Design Team Resources: Material Suppliers, System Fabricators, and Specialty Fabricators 76

Builders 79

Summary 85

Chapter 3 Design Process 87

Step 1: Define and Establish Enclosure Goals 87

Step 2: Enclosure Concepts 89

Step 3: Research, Collection, and Analysis 92

Step 4: Schematic Design/Design Development: Enclosure System Development 97

Schematic Design 98

Design Development 105

Step 5: Construction Documents 117

Summary 134

Chapter 4 Construction 135

Step 6: Construction Process 135

Bidding or Tender: The Step In-Between 137

Paper Stage of Construction 139

Enclosures Detailed Primarily by the Architect 142

“Bricks and Mortar”Stage 144

Summary 149

Chapter 5 Brick Masonry 151

Overview 151

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Innovative Exterior Design – Myhomemyzone.com

There must be a sweet balance between the exterior and interior design of your house otherwise, it might damage the overall look of your house. It is not very difficult to get attractive interior designs for home. But, the problem arrives when you start thinking about the exterior part. Well, we understand this and therefore, in this article, we have added some innovative exterior design for you.• Give Your Exterior Wall A Complete Black Finish: When it comes to modern exterior design, you need an attractive as well as elegant look. Therefore, we will suggest you go with a complete black shade for the exterior wall design. You can also fill the bare areas with angular glass doors and windows. If you want to have external access to your first floor, you can also go with a simple panel staircase with thin handrails made of metal. If you have enough

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