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Fashion Design | Fashion Institute of Technology

students in fashion design lab

For many people around the world, fashion education means just one thing: FIT. Our
Fashion Design program—one of FIT’s original degree programshas been preparing students for success at every level, from haute couture to ready-to-wear
to mass market, for 65 years.

The program keeps evolving along with fashion itself, but some FIT traditions are
forever: First, our close ties to the industry let us immerse you in what’s happening
now in this fast-changing field. And our own brand of fashion education nurtures your
creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills
needed for career success, exposing you to the real demands and practices of the fashion

You’ll learn the fundamentals of professional draping, patternmaking, and sewing techniques.
You’ll master computer-aided design (CAD), and learn how to take a design from concept
to finished garment. This singular program guides you to become not only

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Resilient Design Institute |

What RDI Does

RDI is the most accessible source of resilient design information. From clear case studies to wide-ranging principles and strategies to a blog that balances technical information with readability, we are committed to bringing awareness to the practice of designing survivability and adaptability into structures and communities. 

Defining Resilience

Resilience is the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance.  It is the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or interruption. From Katrina to Sandy, California drought to Mississippi flooding. Resilience is both response and action.

Defining Resilient Design

Resilient design is the intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in order to respond to natural and manmade disasters and disturbances—as well as long-term changes resulting from climate change—including sea level rise, increased frequency of heat waves, and regional drought.

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The Value of Design – Design Management Institute


The Value of Design

Much has been written lately about the strategic value that design can add to organizations of any scale and type.

“Take it From an Expert: Design is More Important Than Ever” 
Wired 3.17.2015
“Design InTech Report” John Maeda, Design Partner, KPCB 3.15.2015
“Design Gains Importance as Devices Get More Personal”  NYT 3.19.2015

And research continues in the quest to quantify the value of design:

UK Design Council  “The Value of Design Factfinder” UK Design Council 1.20.2007

Danish Design Council “The Economic Effects of Design” 2004

The European Commission’s “Innobarometer” aggregates multiple surveys of the effects of design on innovation.

But What is Design?

Simply put, design is a method of problem solving.  Whether it is an architectural blueprint, a brochure, the signage system at an airport, a chair, or a better way to streamline production on the factory floor

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Pratt Institute | School of Design | Undergraduate: School of Design

Architectural interior The B.F.A. in Interior Design is a challenging course of study for students preparing themselves for a career in a field with enormous possibilities and potential.

Interior Design at Pratt provides a scintillating learning environment—New York City, interior design capital of the United States. It is widely acknowledged that interior design education, as it is taught across the United States, began at Pratt. Our alumni have made significant contributions to the quality and character of our built environment for decades and it is certain that tomorrow’s graduates will continue that trajectory into the future. Since 2008, the professional survey, DesignIntelligence, has ranked the undergraduate program number two in the country.

The interior design program is an architecturally oriented program with emphasis on spatial design as well as surface embellishment. All aspects of space—scale, proportion, configuration, and light source, as well as textures, materials, and color—are studied in relation to

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Master of Design program at the IIT Institute of Design

Master of Design Program Overview

Founded on the belief that design connects and enhances every aspect of life, IIT Institute of Design (ID) is dedicated to preparing students to effectively address dynamic and complex business, civic, and social challenges with rigor, depth, and imagination.

The Master of Design (MDes) curriculum teaches students the real-world skills needed to integrate, interconnect, and innovate beyond traditional practices of design.

ID students are taught to shape compelling opportunities through actively developing insight from multiple perspectives, exploring options through aggressive prototyping and critique, and identifying valuable directions that prompt action and support resilient change. Students learn through hands-on projects and real-world challenges, both individually and in team collaborations.

Program Extensions

  • Students with no formal design training are encouraged to apply, as our Foundation program provides prerequisite skills and experience.
  • MDes + MBA students pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously, one with ID and one with IIT
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