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15 Interesting Combination of Brown and Blue Living Rooms

Whenever we see brown and blue together, what do you recall? The mix of warm brown and cool blue feels natural – think earth and sky. Two simple words that seem so much, especially in the art and design industry. We believe that when these colors are not combined in the right amounts it sort of overbearing, but when they are in the right amount and in the right places, they are but special and lovely.

Today, we will be showing you pictures of 15 Interesting Combination of Brown and Blue Living Rooms that will make you change your mind about this great combo! Brown, as a neutral colors pretty much mix well with any color, but when we think blue – maybe royal blue? We have second thoughts, but not in this set of photos. We can say one thing is definite: a rich royal blue and a dark

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Living Room Decoration 2020: Trends and Most Interesting Design Ideas – Interior Decor Trends

Living room is main room of house. At all times, its design has received special attention. Our online tips offer information on what should be living room decoration 2020.

Main trend is eclectic

Living Room Decoration Trends 2020In 2020 Eclecticism will take the lead in the field of interior design. This means that you will have the opportunity to use more attractive features of different styles in design.

Pay attention to living room decoration 2020 in eclectic style will be really successful only if you compete competently furniture and decoration items of different colors and designs. Otherwise, your house will become something like a furniture showroom.

Note that all selected elements must match in color. In addition, if you decide to choose furniture of different styles, decoration of walls, floor and ceiling should be very simple and in neutral tones. For example, you can choose standard paint or complete plaster and high quality surfaces.

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10 Interesting Facts about Interior Design

As we know that Interior Design is very important things in the designing of building. Facts about Interior Design will inform you about process of designing the inside space such as doors, walls, lights, textures, windows, furnishings, etc. Interior design is aimed to make the place suitable for its function and people’s activities. Whereas a person who designs the interior is called as interior designer. The other facts about interior design will be explained below.

Facts about Interior Design 1: Disciplines

Structure, function, specialized performance, craft skills, special group needs, aesthetic disciplines, computer technology, discipline for business, and presentation skills are disciplines which are involved in interior design. It shows the coverage of interior design.

Facts about Interior Design 2: The Important things

Matching the colors to make them balance, knowing how colors affect space and moods, building and electrical codes, styles and trends, knowledge of fabrics are the important

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