Family room makeover Reveal / $100 Room Challenge

Chastity Fabry

It’s time for the family room makeover reveal! Check out the result that I’ve been working on for the past month as part of the $100 Room Challenge.

It’s the 3rd time I participate in the $100 Room Challenge which consists of updating a room, for $100 USD (It will be 125 $ for me!!) in 1 month. The first time, I took on the bathroom and in September, it was the turn of my daughter’s bedroom.

The family room

We can’t say otherwise, this challenge hasn’t gone as planned at all! But do you know what? I’m sooooo happy with the final result of my family room! You can visit the other weeks of the challenge by following these links:

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 (you’re here!)


Apart from cleaning the room, the plans for the family room

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Bold Family Room Makeover | HGTV

Chastity Fabry

Before: Boring Beige

The owners of this home recently added on a loft area, hoping it would become the go-to room for family fun and entertaining. They wanted bold colors for the walls to make the room pop, but their current color choice just fades into the background.

After: Bold Red

After its makeover, the room’s red walls give the space a clear beginning and end. Part of the room is open to the front-door entryway, and to help define the area, hanging artwork mimics the look of the windows.

Before: Too Much Light

Mixing warm colors like red with neutrals is a great way to make a room feel cozy. The couple tried to brighten their sterile family room with small accents of color, but since the room is so big, the red accessories got lost in a sea of beige. Another reason the red didn’t pop was that

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Client Project Reveal: A Sophisticated Family Room Makeover

Chastity Fabry

This post is from our Stagg Design project archives and originally posted in February 2015. We hope it gives you inspiration and some tips for tackling that next project! xx- Team Stagg

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than completely transforming a space.  Give me beige walls, furnishings opposite of my style, and I’m brimming with ideas for how to give the space new life.  Enter a recent client project: The Farmington Project.

My clients are a young, hip couple expecting their first child.  They wanted to update their family room with a neutral, soothing, sophisticated palette.  Here is what it looked like during our initial consultation.

IMG_7868 IMG_7869 IMG_7870 IMG_7871 IMG_7872

The only piece of furniture they wanted to keep was the couch.  The chair was too big for the space, the coffee table was the wrong style for the look they wanted to accomplish, and the console and shelves just didn’t work in the

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