Design as Strategy

Chastity Fabry

Design thinking isn’t new. But many companies still aren’t sure how it can improve their business.

This month’s Spotlight should be of help, since it illustrates some of the ways design thinking is starting to power corporate strategy.

The emphasis on design clearly is moving to the C-suite, and more and more organizations are creating a chief design officer role. A notable example is PepsiCo, which poached Mauro Porcini from 3M to inject design thinking into nearly every aspect of the business. To see how that’s going, check out our interview with CEO Indra Nooyi and accompanying insights from Porcini in this issue.

How should companies think about design centricity? For Jon Kolko, vice president of design at Blackboard, design thinking can define the way an organization functions at the most basic levels—how it relates to users, how it prototypes products, how it assesses risk. In “Design Thinking Comes of

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