Transform your software architect career

IDesign focuses on the design and architecture phases of
software development with our methodology that combines
system design
with project design.

We have helped hundreds of companies to deliver on their
commitments, and our Master Classes
launched the careers of thousands of software architects the
world over.

Righting Software
, (Addison-Wesley, 2019) presents the proven,
structured, and highly engineered approach to software design
that master architect Juval Löwy has practiced and taught around
the world. Although companies of every kind have successfully
implemented his original design ideas across hundreds of
systems, these insights have never before appeared in print.

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about Righting Software.

Project Design Fundamentals

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25 Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas To Transform Your Backyard


Need a fresh idea to make a noticeable difference in the backyard?

This list of 25 Patio Decorating Tips will cover a variety of simple projects that will both attract attention & serve a useful purpose in any outdoor space.

Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas

We will explore some of the most popular outdoor trends & professional exterior design tips including:

–  Outdoor Arrangement Ideas

–  Creative Patio Lighting

–  Landscaping & Gardening Tips

–  Outdoor Entertaining Advice

–  And Much More

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Tip  # 1 :  Create Spot To Gather

Perhaps the best place to get started is by creating a space in the backyard with plenty of space for family & friends to sit & gather around.

This can be anything from a fire pit, a shady tree, fountain or sculpture, a favorite piece of artwork; whatever your favorite part of your backyard, arrange

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