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The Best Upholstery Fabrics For Pets and Slobs

Dear Readers,
Before I get into the best upholstery fabrics.
How are y’all doing?
I still can’tView full post »

High-Low Furnishings + Sources and Secrets Revealed

Hi  Everyone,
Well, it’s another marathon post. And, haha, yesterday, when I started it, I was so tired, IView full post »

Contemporary Interiors – Are They Trendy or Timeless?

Hi Everyone,
Well, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m republishing a recent postView full post »

How To Get Gorgeous Free Art That Looks Expensive

How’s everyone doing?
I know that this is a day late. But, there was a lot of research involved in thisView full post »

Covid-19 – What The Experts Might Not Be Telling You

The Coronavirus. AKA: Covid-19.
Is there anything else on our minds these days?
Well, aside from the stockView full post »

New Farrow & Ball Colors 2020 Inspired By Nature

Hi Everyone,
There have been some requests to go over the new Farrow & Ball paint colors 2020. Actually, IView full post »

Stunning Photos of San Francisco While Attending the DIC

Laurel? Can you explain what is going on?
Did you really just say “attending the DIC in SanView full post »

An Easy Renovation Idea To Increase Your Home’s Value

Hey Guys,
I’m in San Francisco for the Design Influencer’s Conference.
Today, I went out with myView full post »

Gray Walls? The Perfect Color Palette To Make Them Sing

Dear Laurel,
First off, I’ve become a HUGE fan recently! Your articles are not only informative but so much funView full post »

How to Figure Out Room Colors with a Colorful Sofa

Dear Laurel,
Here’s my dilemma which I’m hoping you might discuss in a blog post.
The topic is HowView full post »

Reddish Laminate Floors? What Wall Color Will Work?

I just received an email from Sandra who’s struggling with her paint color to go with her red-tonedView full post »

Is Your Baseboard Heater or Radiator Making You Crazy?

Dear Laurel,
I love your blog; it has helped me out on many occasions, most recently on paint color choices. IView full post »

Small Living Room Decor -Should It Be Pale or Dark?

Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for all of your great comments for Sunday’s post. That post, if you missed itView full post »

The Secret For A Cheap, Chic Kitchen Refresh

Hi Everyone,
First of all, before we get into our kitchen refresh; thank you so much for all of the beautifulView full post »

Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

The other day one of you lovely readers sent me an email asking me to take one of your homes, or a room fromView full post »

A Secret for Creating A 25 Color Whole House Color Palette

Originally, I had put this large palette of colors together nearly four years ago.
This was after I received aView full post »

50 Interior Design Trends for 2020 – In or Out?

Recently, Elle Decor did a post about 50 interior design trends for 2020 – in or out?
So, I thought itView full post »

Little Known Ways To Score Free Furniture (or nearly free)

Dear Laurel,
I am a very attentive obsessive reader of your posts. Not only do I love the education received, IView full post »

How To Deconstruct Mark D. Sikes Brilliant Interior Designs

So, this is the post I was supposed to have for you on Tuesday/Wednesday, but that didn’t happen.
IView full post »

An Airbnb Residential Loft Renovation in San Diego

Hi Everyone,
Greetings from 39,000 feet up in the air. Yes, 39,000 feet. I’m winging it back to New YorkView full post »

Analogous Color Schemes In Interiors – The Right Way

Hi Everyone,
Did you see the post the other day about monochromatic color schemes? If you missed it, you canView full post »

Monochromatic Interiors – A Misunderstood Color Scheme

Today, I’d like to focus on MONOCHROMATIC interiors and moonochromatic color schemes.
But first of all,View full post »

Hate Your Open Concept Floor Plan? Here’s How To Fix It

Hi Guys and an official Happy New Year 2020!
Yes, I took a rare day off on New Year’s eve. However,View full post »

The Top Ten Laurel Home Blog Posts for 2019

Hi Guys,
In case you missed my note, the reason this is late is because I was very ill yesterday. And, I spentView full post »

Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy Hanukkah 5780

Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy Hanukkah 5780!

Edited January 29, 2020
Yes, that’s me withView full post »

Magical Christmas Decor Around the World

Greetings all!
I’m back upstate for the holidays. And man, I was greeted to a reality check dose of winterView full post »

Why My Disdain for Winter Might Be Misguided

Hi Everyone,
How y’all doing one week (or less) before Christmas?
This is a reworking of a post from threeView full post »

Best Bay Window Treatments + Measuring Guide

Hi Everyone,
Before I get into the Bay Window Treatments, I want/need to say that the 333 Hard To Find RulesView full post »

Her Bossy Home Builder Needs To Calm Down!

Recently, I received this real “dear laurel” letter from Kim. And, she’s dealing with a bossyView full post »

Dining Chair and Table Combinations That Rock!

Hi Everyone,
Tuesday night’s post looked at 12 classic dining tables. And, as promised, we are going toView full post »

12 Classic Dining Tables You’re Going to Love

Hi Everyone,
Before I get into the 12 classic dining tables and chair combos…
I’m beginning thisView full post »

I’m Dreaming Of Blue and White Christmas Decor

Dear Laurel,
I really don’t know what I’m going to do. Every year I put up the same old tired redView full post »

A Lake George Thanksgiving 2019 in the Adirondacks

Hi Everyone,
Greetings from the Lake George region of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. I’veView full post »

Gorgeous Family Room Furnishings on a Shoestring Budget

Hi Everyone,
Oh man, before we get into our gorgeous family room furnishings…
It sure feels like the calmView full post »

333 Decorating Rules You Need To Know is Here

Hey Guys, I’m so excited to present this new guide to you!!!
In case you missed the preview, this guide isView full post »

Interior Design Rules – Preview and questions

Hi Everyone,
I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a post tonight. That’s because I’m busyView full post »

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    • How To Get Gorgeous Free Art That Looks Expensive
    • Covid-19 – What The Experts Might Not Be Telling You
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