December 3, 2023

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10 Commercial Exterior Design Tips to Boost Your Business

10 Commercial Exterior Design Tips to Boost Your Business

If you own a commercial property, you most likely want it designed to suit your and your clients’ tastes. Everyone has that dream of owning a commercial property with an amazing commercial exterior design; architectural concepts that can reflect your client’s inner character and overall expectations. In other words, your office building or commercial property should be able to express a unique extension of yourself.

Why Commercial Exterior Design is Important

Even though it’s correct to say that the exterior design of any building is an extension of the client for whom it is designed, it is also rather flippant in terms of the extent of expression it distinguishes. You need to consider what your clients will be observing when they walk to your commercial property, even before it is occupied. To convey the right message, your commercial building should have an appropriate design that will do most of the talking.

Furthermore, a commercial exterior design has to be complimenting on two levels. First, it needs to compliment your commercial property by blending with your architect’s theme. Secondly, the design used should be able to express your ideas, in order to correctly portray you and what you are. Commercial exterior design is an intricate undertaking in which technical, as well as creative solutions, are applied to achieve a customized business environment.

Vital Tips for a Good Commercial Exterior Design

1- Choose the Best Windows
(Durability, proper ventilation, and ease of cleaning)

For the most part, the windows you choose to install on your commercial property need to be durable. Modern office buildings look superb with large expansive windows from the floor up to the ceiling. On the other hand, if you want to maintain a traditional style, rectangular white-paned windows that are symmetrically placed will be more ideal. Always consider all your options so that you install durable and aesthetically alluring windows.

2- Understand the Impact of Light

Light normally impacts the robustness of an area. Use soft white light to improve décor and also add to your building’s elegance. Compare different illumination designs to attract and detract from different areas in order to create a specific aura.


3- Office Materials and Textures

With so many options currently being offered in the market, it can prove difficult to decide on the materials to use on your office exterior. It is wise to balance durability with aesthetics. The design should reflect your personal style. For example, cedar shingles or tumbled stones for a country style or sleek steel for the modern minimalist. Always consult skilled design architects to avoid costly mistakes; you can also make use of the various online visual tools to make the best choices.

4- Create a Cohesive Area

All sections of your commercial property have to look like they belong together. Although a challenging feat, you can use different materials in sections with different functions to create a natural flow and cohesive layout.  Additionally, use your knowledge of light to create natural transitions by blending the sections.

5- Combine Colours

So what is the right color for your office exterior? Do you go for a basic color or use bold colors? Like interior decoration, an exterior color choice is important because it may help hide the flaws in your commercial property.

It is suggested that the most effective approach (and also the safest) is to use two shades of the same color. Use either lighter or darker shades for the body and the exact opposite for the trim job. To spice things up, you can use a third contrasting color to interpose the entrance. You can also utilize bright fresh white paint to draw a client’s eyes to the cozy entrance.

6- Design An Extraordinary Front entrance

Apart from painting your front door, choosing two shades or tints can be effective. You can decide to use bold, contrasting colors to make your entryway stand out. Always go for bolder shades for the entrance than the rest of your commercial property.

Apart from color, there are different features you can apply to freshen up your entrance. To spice up your commercial building, features like plants, rugs, style-lighting and entrance seats can add to the general appeal of your entrance.

7- Use Landscaping

This involves something more than just placing plants at your commercial building’s front.  The best suggestion would be to research on native plants and local soils. Always plan your landscape because it usually takes time for plants to grow and fill in; so the sooner you begin, the better. All in all, with landscaping, you have to exercise patience.

8- Form Follows Purpose

This means that the function of your property should be the starting point of its commercial exterior design. Consider all your business needs in order to settle on what is required for your property to accommodate those needs. The exterior design of your office building or commercial property should mimic the form of the interior designs that you used.

9- Use Symmetry to Balance Shapes

Balance and symmetry are important factors to consider if you want a good commercial exterior design. The facade of every commercial building requires some veneer of balance and equilibrium in order to please clients. There are different methods that you can apply to achieve a proportional exterior. All in all, a properly designed commercial building should have an exterior that is well-adjusted and proportional.

10- Make Exceptional Use of Space

Your exterior designer should adapt his/her vision around you and how your property’s space will be utilized.  The designer should place control in sections that are likely to be inconvenient or difficult to use.  For superior control and expediency, especially for large areas, exterior lighting should be integrated.

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