December 4, 2023

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10 Luxury Living Rooms Design In Various Styles For Impressive Home Living

10 Luxury Living Rooms Design In Various Styles For Impressive Home Living

Luxury Living Rooms

The idea of having luxury living rooms can be achieved with numerous styles and interior designs. At the same time, there are endless possibilities to create such a design suitable for ones’ preferences.

You might want to decorate the room full of luxurious modern furniture with black and white-colored design, or you prefer the warm mid-century design. All in all, your choice is very vast and variance.

As the place where the family, guests, and friends will gather, this location is considered as one of the home’s heart. Thus, here are some ideas for your design inspirations. 

[01/10] Elemental Twist

Mid 19th century vibe is one of the classic luxury living rooms you can get. Here, the use of a sculptural sofa makes the room appears unique yet impressive.

It also comes with punchy yellow furniture. You can see the little small elemental chairs and mirror completes the classic living room.

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Elemental Twist 1a

[02/10] Outside In

This design creates a comfortable and enchanting spot in the living room. The use of patterns and the color make the spot stands out.

In the picture, you can see the retractable glass as a room divider. When it is opened, the spot turned as a waterfront lounge and a great hangout space.

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Outside In 2a

[03/10] Back To Back

This luxury living rooms show the flare of the colors with this multi-colored designs. The contrasting pink and dark green come together in this sophisticating room. 

The back-to-back sofas not only bring extra seating spaces but also fill and create alternate vantage points. You can face the fireplace or join the conversation.

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Back To Back 3a

[04/10] Always Sunny

You can show your lux with several elemental chairs for more seating spaces and fill the room. Here, the seating comes together creating this bright comfortable living room.

The color scheme is quite diverse, cream, red, white, green, and brown come together with the floor, wall, and the ceiling light hues.

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Always Sunny 4a

[05/10] Soothing Symmetry

Here, you can see the placement creates a perfect symmetry design interior. The idea was considered to maximizing the area on the fireplace sides, while the fireplace becomes the focal point.

The mirror-image seating looks perfect with the corresponding colors. Yellow, orange, woods, and patterned seating bring warmth to the room.

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Soothing Symmetry 5a

[06/10] Family Heirlooms

The striking sapphire velvet upholstery and patterned armchairs are bursting colors in this classic room. Come with white flooring, ceiling, and curtains, this room is like your canvas.

It enhances the lux vibe with the white fancy lighting fixture, wooden mid colonial fireplace, mirror, side tables, and the coffee table.

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Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

[07/10] Striking Simplicity

If you are looking for a modern luxury living rooms design, then this idea will be your perfect choice. The spacious room was filled with minimalist and simple touch.

White is very dominant in this room. The unique industrial spotlight creates visual interest and provides soft illuminations into this relaxing space.

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Striking Simplicity 7a

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Striking Simplicity 7b

[08/10] The Mediterranean Edit

Mediterranean vibe or design is one great option to make your room looks luxurious with its colors and textures.

Here the terracotta floors, crafted tiles, and brass heart surround bring warm and beautiful elements. What makes this design interesting is the use of diverse furniture, that represents the fun Mediterranean design.

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The Mediterranean Edit 8a

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The Mediterranean Edit 8b

[09/10] French Dreams

French is the epitome of glamour and beauty. You can adapt the style to create luxury living rooms design that will mesmerize everyone’s eyes.

Here, everything comes together with the style. You got the paintings, the tufted sofa, armchairs, rugs, wall moldings, even the dining set appear in the purple-gold color scheme.

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French Dreams 9b

[10/10] Parisian Pastels

This wall design that comes in white looks ethereal. Complemented with the same colored chairs and rugs, you can say this room is a perfect luxurious room.

The unique blue curvy sofa and coffee table not only bring color to the room but also set the theme into midcentury and contemporary mix.

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Parisian Pastels 10a

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Parisian Pastels 10b

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