December 11, 2023

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11 Most Attractive Grey and Blue Living Room Ideas That You Will Love

11 Most Attractive Grey and Blue Living Room Ideas That You Will Love

Grey and blue living room designs have two primary colors that go well with each other smoothly. This color combo does provide not only a calm atmosphere in the room but also elegant look at the same time.

For you who are interested in decorating your living room in grey and blue tones, there are at least 11 most attractive ideas to take into consideration. Those include:

You will love these ideas because each of them will create a specific visual effect in your living area. Here is the full explanation for you.

1. Grey and Blue Living Room with White Background

If you are looking for a bright and fresh look, then this first idea is suitable for you. It is the idea of adding a white background for the blue and grey living area. The background here refers mostly to walls.

The best thing about this idea is not merely about the specific visual effect it creates. It is also about the truth that white background can go well with any shades of grey and blue so pairing the three of them will never be a problem.

Check out this following picture of a Scandinavian living room as an example.

11 Most Attractive Grey and Blue Living Room Ideas That You Will Love

West Elm UK

This living room seems to have an open space design, which means the living area can share the same space with other rooms without a separator. Besides, it is also possible for the place to have a somewhat small space.

The choice of white wall background as pairing for the light blue and grey theme in the room is a great idea here.

Besides the fact that this wall brings brightness and freshness, it also makes the place looks more spacious than it is.

From the same picture also we all can see that you don’t need to paint all wall sides in white to get the bright, fresh, and spacious effect. Painting a wall side in white only can be enough to gain all those.

2. Grey and Blue Living Room with Wooden Details

The next idea is adding wooden features in your blue and grey living room. The function of this is for building up a subtle nautical atmosphere.

In creating the subtle nautical feel in your living room with wooden details, there are several things to pay attention. The first one is the type of wood detail to add to the place.

The best type is none other but wooden details with the most natural wooden appearance. It doesn’t always have to be bare wood, but it is best to choose something unpainted. A transparent finish would still be OK though.

Take a look at the example of blue and grey beach style living room below.

grey and blue living room with wooden features

John Lewis

It has a wooden table right in the middle. This table can fit in the beach style room without building up a nautical atmosphere that is too strong.

Admittedly, a wooden table like this is not the only one you can choose in this idea. There are many other wooden details available, including floor, sofa legs, side tables, chairs, and so on.

If you want to create a mild nautical theme in your living area but what you have is only blue chairs or couches, there another excellent solution available in the picture above besides the solution of placing a natural wooden table in the room. It is none other but adding blue or grey stripe details.

Stripe design is always a good match for a nautical theme. Therefore you can just place a grey and white striped rug under the table, grey and white stripes throw blanket on your blue armchair, or you can directly buy a new ottoman with blue and grey stripes pattern as exemplified in the picture.

This redecorating will not cost you much cash. However, it will still give you an excellent result.

3. Grey and Blue Living Room with Dark Wall

To create a deep look, you can try the idea of painting the wall of your living room in dark color. Since grey and blue are the primary colors we talk about here, let’s just limit the choices in the dark shades of these tones too.

As an example, you can choose an indigo wall color as shown in the picture below.

traditional grey and blue living room with indigo wall

John Lewis

When choosing a dark blue color for the wall like this for creating a specific look like this, indeed choosing something dark as the pairing is the best thing to do.

This idea seems to be the reason why the designer of the living room above also selects a sofa in a rather dark shade of grey for the wall mate. FYI, the grey sofa also makes the wall elegance pops even better.

Grey is a better pair for the dark blue wall because choosing a sofa in a dark blue tone, in this case, will only make it lost in the interior design.

It is OK to add dark blue decoration on the sofa, such as a dark blue cushion or throw blanket but the furniture piece must have some other color, which is grey.

Here is another example you might find interesting to check out.

grey and blue open living room with a blue-grey wall


You can also choose something like the dark blue-grey wall in this beach-style living room. From this picture, there is an impressive idea we all can learn.

Using a dark-painted wall in an open space like this living room is an excellent idea to add depth to the whole area. Even a space with a lot of brightness like this can gain a depth leveling because of the dark wall.

4. Grey and Blue Living Room with a Wall Artwork

A wall artwork can be more than just a decoration in your grey and blue living area.

Artwork can be something that can help you out in building up the grey and blue color scheme you want in the room. It gets even better because the right artwork can also set the mood inside the room in an aesthetic way.

Please take a look at the picture of transitional living room below.

transitional grey and blue living room with cloudy mountain-themed wall artwork

Rikki Snyder

It is apparent that this room has a bright grey and blue theme with white accents that make it looks even more brilliant. It is a good thing actually since this brightness in the room also makes the space looks very clean.

However, it is a living room, and it would be great to have a calm and cozy feel in there too. Here is where the mountain-themed panel artworks have an essential role.

As you can see, the artworks show an image of a misty mountain that looks rather cold but at the same time also calm and peaceful.

You can even feel the breeze when you look at the artwork. A view like this is helpful in boosting the coziness in the interior because you will feel calm and comfortable whenever you spend time in the room.

5. Grey and Blue Living Room with a Green View

Grey and blue living area with a green scenery on the outside is another fabulous idea you should take into consideration.

Apparently, the primary benefit you will get is a more refreshing and relaxing feeling since you can see a green view while sitting comfortably in your living area.

However, is this the only benefit? Thankfully it is not.

Designing your grey and blue living area to have a green view is great too because it makes it very possible for you to include some related element of the green look inside the place.

Please check this picture of a beach-style living room out.

grey and blue beach-style living room with green view

Rezolution Photography

This open-style living room has lighter grey color from the sectional couch as the most dominant tone. On the lower part of the area, there is also a fluffy ash grey rug, making the space has even more grey tones.

As for the blue color, mainly the designer uses turquoise as the primary mate for the grey tones in there.

Besides, you can also see that the room also has some wooden features, including the corner tables and the kitchen area flooring.

The wooden features mentioned earlier look great in the room. Besides the fact that it has the neutral tone that goes well with any color smoothly, it also naturally has compatibility with the green view outside that can be seen directly through the huge glass window.

6. Grey and Blue Living Room with Warm-toned Features

A living room with grey and blue theme can look quite cool. The reason is that blue is a cool tone, and grey has quite a lot of cool shades.

If you love the idea of using the color theme, but you do not want your living room to look too cold because of this, you can include some warm-toned features in the place.

These features will be helpful in warming up the living area a bit and create a more comfortable feel too.

For example, you can take a look at the following picture of a transitional living room.

transitional grey and blue living room with sangria red rug

Turner Pocock

This room has a cold atmosphere because of the choice of fossil grey wall paint and a bold Aegean blue sofa with blue cushions on it. To warm up the room, the designer adds an area rug with a honeycomb pattern and sangria red color.

Another example is available in this next picture.

grey and blue contemporary living room with red cushion and warm-toned wall arts


This example shows that you should not always count on to area rug to add warmth to your blue and grey living room interior. You can choose red cushion or wall arts with warm tones in them if you want to.

7. Grey and Blue Living Room with Patterned Features

Too many solid colors in a blue and grey living room can make it look too dull and, even worse, boring. Because of this reason adding pattern in the place is an idea that will make everything seems better than before.

Right now, there are so many living room features with patterns you can find without any difficulty. They can be furniture pieces or decorations.

The patterns available now are quite a lot too. For the living room, a different design can result in a different look.

The example of this is available below.

beach-style grey and blue living room with white and denim blue chevron rug

Noelle Interiors

The patterned-feature added to this living area is a white and denim blue rug with a chevron pattern.

If we try to imagine the place without the area rug, it will look clean and modern, but it is too dull. With the carpet, the area gets livelier.

The chevron pattern is also an excellent choice here since it is suitable for the modern atmosphere of the room.

Check out the following transitional living room design as another example.

grey and blue transitional living room with patterned rug and amrchair

Lindsay Pincus Design

This room has more than just one pattern included in the design. Although so, let’s focus more on the attractive design of the armchair.

This kind of busy model is the one you should choose to add a classy touch to your living area.

8. Grey and Blue Living Room with Velvet Sofa

Another idea you should give a try is placing one or more velvet sofas in your blue and grey living room. To be more specific, it is excellent to put a blue velvet sofa with a darker shade in the room instead of a grey velvet sofa.

Darker blue velvet sofa is a favorite item in interior design right now so placing it in your living area would be refreshing. Besides, this furniture piece also goes well with a grey wall, especially the one with a lighter tone.

The combination of the sofa and the wall will create an excellent complement to your living area without overdoing it.

This type of blue furniture also has a luxurious look. Something is the one you can find in the picture example below.

grey and blue living room with velvet navy blue sofa

Penman Interiors

In this room, there are two navy blue velvet sofas available.

As you can see from the pic above, the furniture pieces do not only get along well with the light grey wall but also with the light grey upholstered and tufted ottoman table. They even have light grey cushions as decorations.

Besides the fact that the sofas create a luxurious feel in the interior, they also bring glamour details in the living area.

9. Grey and Blue Living Room with Tufted Upholstered Table

The next most attractive idea to take into consideration when decorating a blue and grey living room is related to a specific type of table to pair with the seats. The table meant here is none other but a tufted upholstered table.

grey and blue transitional living room with ocean blue rectangle tufted ottoman

David Duncan Livingston

Well, this furniture piece is not a table. It is an ottoman.

However, it can also serve the function of a table with some condition. It is that you need to put a tray on the ottoman to make it works as a table to serve beverages and foods or to place some books on it.

The best thing about this furniture piece is that when you do not use it as a table, you can consider it as an extra seat in the living room to accommodate more people.

All you need to do is moving the table to the right position, which is not in the center of the room.

grey and blue transitional living room with cloud grey oval tufted ottoman

Lily Mae Design

About the grey and blue theme in the living room, the ottoman table has a specific function. This ottoman table enhances the elegance of the room, mainly because of the tufted design it has.

Right now, this tufted upholstery comes in many designs and colors so it will be easy for you to find one to match the grey and blue theme you try to create.

The examples are available in the two pictures above in which a rectangle ocean blue tufted ottoman and an oval cloud grey tufted ottoman exist in the design of each living room.

10. Nature-inspired Grey and Blue Living Room

When you are not sure about how to decorate your living room with grey and blue color scheme, you just need to follow this idea. It is that you should get some inspirations from nature.

You may not realize it, but there are so many things in nature that naturally have blue and grey tones. Let’s say there are skies, oceans, mountains, and many others.

Getting inspired by them will be very helpful in designing your living room with the specific color theme.

Check out this picture as an example.

grey and blue living room with pebble sky inspiration

Town House Interiors

This room design has blue and grey domination. The blue color somehow reminds us of a blue sky while the grey tone makes us remember the color of pebbles.

If you want to imagine it further, it looks like a scene when we enjoy a beautiful summer sky while walking barefoot on pebbles while enjoying the hot weather.

Of course, if you want to you can create your imagination based on nature inspiration to decorate your interior.

11. Soft-toned Grey and Blue Living Room

A soft-toned design is another excellent idea you should consider when redecorating a living area with blue and grey hues.

When the bolder shades of these tones tend to give a clear statement, the softer colors are perfect for building a calm and comfortable feel.

This idea then is much of a choice to pick if you also want your living room to be a place for enjoying a relaxing time.

beach-style grey and blue living room with soft tones

Carolyn Thayer interiors

This beach-style living area is the example you should check out. As you can see here, the room has lighter grey hues domination with an accent of cerulean blue color.

The interior already has enough brightness. Thanks to the glass windows we can see on every side of the room.

Although the place is bright enough, the choice of grey color domination here doesn’t make it looks too bright since the tones are soft.

So, besides a calm and comfortable feel, this idea is also suitable to pick when you want to create balance in the room because of too much natural light from outside.

So, there are the 11 most attractive ideas you can apply in your grey and blue living room design. If you come to think of it, none of the ideas above are hard to implement.

In other words, it won’t be hard for you to create a nice-looking living area with grey and blue as the primary color scheme. All you need to do is find one or more ideas that suit the conditions of your interior the most.

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