May 17, 2022


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15 Ideal Designs For Low Budget Living Rooms

Living room is a special room for your family and friends to gather and chat in every free time. Therefore, everybody wants to create not only a comfortable but also harmonious environment by our special effort. The ideal living room should show your eyes ‘beauty, your characteristic and your living style. Normally, a living room has a coffee table, a sofa and a love-seat, even some picture, rug, television, lamp, etc. You can design your living in your own way. However if you had a limited budget, you should consider carefully many factors such as furniture, decorating things, wall paper or even a rug. You should try your best to minimize the amount of money, but still remain comfortable and cozy.

If you are looking for the ideal designs for low budget living room, take a look at my ideas which are very suitable for decorating a living room on a low budget.

Simple furniture with the bright color still create the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Don’t need to use expensive decorating things, only having a table and nice sofa.

2 A small table, 2 sofas, an unique lamp combined with the harmonious color brings the peaceful feelings for the owner and the guests.

3 A Simple but unique living room with a round table, flowers, etc. This design is very suitable for some one who only want to spend a little money for living room. This style is suitable for young busy people.

4 Another design for low budget with the simple furniture such as a cheap television, a wooden cheap table, cupboard, etc. Even  the stars and the table are made use of the bookshelf. This style is suitable for mature or even old people.

5 Make your simple living room by picture and wall artworks.  Your own artworks show clearly your characteristic and your soul. This style is suitable for young busy people.

6 One table, one sofa, one rug can create your own living room with the least money. The impressive point of this living room is that the pillows has the same color with the tree. Two flower vases with different color is the beauty of this room. This style is suitable for young busy people.

7 This design is made for old people who want to have a simple and relaxed life.

8 Choose furniture first and look for pieces that are light in color and have legs. Lighter colors occupy less visual weight and legs provide an unobstructed view of the floor, allowing the space to appear more open.

9 This room has a lovely wicker basket which serves as an end table.  On the  shelf  is a fabric covered box and the coffee table has a lower shelf which can be used to store books, boxes, baskets etc.Sometimes the more space you have the more objects you accumulate. Keep shelving organized.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Add things to the space to encourage your eyes to move upward from the furniture.  Floor lamps, large vases with tall twigs, full length draperies, long  mirrors, vertical paintings or stacked paintings, mantles, tables with multi- layered  arrangements etc. are possible choices.Did you notice the large mirror on the end wall?

11 Lighting is important in any room but even more so in a small room.  Keep window  treatments light and airy so that the natural light can shine through or have drapes that can be pulled back to let the light flood in.

12 Choose furniture first and look for pieces that are light in color and have legs. Lighter colors occupy less visual weight and legs provide an unobstructed view of the floor, allowing the space to appear more open.

13 If your room is small, choose smaller scale furniture.  Armless chairs, apartment size sofas, small sectional etc. will make the room appear  more spacious.

14 If you have a  sofa or sectional that you need to keep and it dominates the room,  paint the walls  a shade that is just a bit lighter than the upholstery . The eye will move  across the room rather than sticking on  the sofa. In the room above a stone wall harmonizes with the sofa and the warm yellow from the wall is picked up as accents.

15Neutral colors mixed with  lighter shades of blue and  green  work well in a small living area.  Cooler colors recede  thus giving the impression of a larger space. Bare  wood floors in lighter wood tones also add to a clean, flowing feeling.  Dark floors have the opposite effect.

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