December 5, 2023

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1964 Chevy C10 Long bed Has “Casual” Patina Look, Hides LS3 and Clean Interior

1964 Chevy C10 Long bed Has “Casual” Patina Look, Hides LS3 and Clean Interior

That’s right, the latest custom build featured on the AutotopiaLA YouTube channel by Shawn Davis, the laid-back host, has been dreamt up as a father and son project by someone coming from a Japanese ride. Well, the switch to a hot rod truck-type of vehicle is both impressive and unexpected.

Still, once the surprise passes, we’re left with a great execution, and the C10 has the potential to become even better since the owner clearly stated the Chevy is “a work in progress” – actually the 327-cu. in. to LS3 engine swap occurred just a couple of weeks prior to the video shoot, along with the switch to a side exhaust setup.

That means the owner doesn’t even know the exact power his truck has right now, pointing out the engine was street-tuned but he wasn’t on site when the tuning occurred… He was probably dreaming up that side-exhaust setup with his son because they initially went for a very short, under-cabin configuration, which didn’t bode well with their personal preferences.

As one can easily see from their choices, this project is highly personal – but it’s not something designed to fit in the pro-touring category. Sure, you can see and hear there’s something hot rod going on under the patina-infused body, but they look more like the cruiser type above anything else.

And that’s something that easily perspires from their approach to the project. For instance, the sleeper looks weren’t achieved through a patina-style repaint – instead, the actual blue color was cleaned up with care to expose the bare metal.

The “less is more” approach is also used for what’s underneath – the airbag setup for the suspension brings the bagged and slammed attitude, but it’s all done on a stock frame and arms. Even the 20-inch wheels fit the bill, a set of US Mags that haven’t been touched in any way and still look spot on for this build.

Since it’s a work in progress, the owner doesn’t even know if he’s going to cover the bed, but at least he’s already finished with the interior (check it up from the 4:50 mark), which is just as impressive as the exterior. This time around, the creature comforts are apparent – it has been completely redone in the original champagne color and keeps the vintage aroma while also providing all the basics, from the TMi bucket seats to Dakota Digital gauges.

By the way, do check out the ride kicking off at 6:10 because this C10 has the LS3 and custom exhaust to prove its worth… while Shawn is also demonstrating his ability to “stall anything” (the truck has an automatic!) at the 8:30 mark! Seriously, the look on the owner’s face is priceless…

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