December 9, 2023

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20+ Best DIY Entertainment Center Design Ideas For Living Room

20+ Best DIY Entertainment Center Design Ideas For Living Room

TSP Home Decor – Entertainment center design ideas that adapt the contemporary style are readily available nowadays.

There are also various design and color options which you can choose that will suit your style of home and living.

Other than television, the entertainment center may include home theater, gaming sets, and of course, a large screen television.

Since the model develops from time to time, nowadays you can find a DIY entertainment design that could fit a plasma and LCD television.

In this article, we are going to talk about the entertainment center design ideas.

We also include some pictures so you could get how this will turn out. Let’s have a look.

DIY Entertainment Center Plan

DIY Pallet Entertainment Center

Before you start to create an entertainment center, you may need to have a plan.

First of all, you need to measure the width and height. Later, you can decide what things that could be handled by the entertainment center.

In the picture above, there are several other racks that can be used for storing books, accessories, and many more.

You should also decide the style you will apply to the furniture – the modern one or something more traditional.

DIY Home Entertainment Center with LCD Television

20+ Best DIY Entertainment Center Design Ideas For Living Room

As we have mentioned earlier, you can have a home entertainment center specifically designed for an LCD television.

Other than that, this could be much easier than if you build a piece of furniture for a regular television.

The picture above displays how you can improvise with the furniture even though the TV should be mounted on the wall.

Basically, you only need to measure the width of your TV and decide the space you need between the TV and the furniture next to it.

You can also adjust it with the available space in your living room. There are no specific rules about the width.

DIY Floating Home Entertainment Center for a Small Living Room

Simple DIY Entertainment Center

The picture is an example of a home entertainment center for a small living room.

The smaller design aims for reducing the bulky look. You can still clean up the dust under the furniture since it is a floating furniture piece.

The minimalist line and straight accents on its drawers make the furniture looks more compact.

Besides, the wooden color adds the warmth to the house. Since the television is installed on the wall, it is better to make it not bulky by letting it float.

DIY Wall-Mounted Home Entertainment Center

DIY Entertainment Center Ideas

When you have a spacious living room and want something contemporary, the picture above could be added to your consideration list.

Creating an entertainment center can be done by installing the furniture on the wall. You can even use two separated shelves for this example.

Later, install the television on the wall between those two shelves.

A fireplace under the TV will add more warmth to the room. Installing lighting fixture on the shelves could help to highlight the displayed items.

DIY Cozy Home Entertainment Center

DIY Entertainment Center Plans

If your living room is not too large and the ceiling is relatively lower, this picture may give you some inspirations.

A wall-mounted entertainment center is highly recommended since it helps to save some space.

The color selection may affect how the room will look like.

hus, you need to pick neutral colors for the room. White paired with black or dark brown will give a nice result.

Later, you can play on the texture and fabric of the sofa as well as other items in the living room.

DIY Traditional Home Entertainment Center

DIY Pallet Entertainment Center

If you are a person who loves something traditional along with its detail, the picture above could show you what you like.

A floor-to-ceiling piece of furniture will maintain the spaciousness in the room while you are still able to add some spaces like shelves, drawers, and cabinets on it.

This home entertainment center may be suitable for you who love some classic look without looking too old.

DIY Classic Home Entertainment Center

DIY Rustic Entertainment Center

The picture above is another example of a living room with generous space.

So, if space is not your issue then you can try this example. No one could ever resist the charming sense offered by the real woods.

Even though it looks heavier and literally heavier on weight, real woods will never go wrong especially if you let its natural pattern shows up.

Even though wooden home entertainment center could fit both classic and modern living room style, however, you better let it resides in your home if you have a proper space.

The other pieces of furniture in the living room should also be complementing the room.

DIY Industrial Home Entertainment Center

DIY Rustic Entertainment Center

This example is not totally a funk style. Still, it looks so beautiful to combine the modern style and minimalist lines with some industrial brick on the background.

The entertainment center also looks so simple and not attach to anything.

They use gray bricks for its legs and body. You can stack the bricks as many as you like but make sure that it would fully support the items on it.

The owner uses some wooden planks finished in black for its base.

Since it has something to do with balance, you need to make sure that nothing will collapse after you stack all items on the shelf.

DIY Vintage Home Entertainment Center

DIY Entertainment Center Plans

So, if you like something classic but not too heavy then the vintage style might be the one you are looking for.

The size on the picture is not too large or too small. It fits the room even the smaller ones.

In order to add the vintage sense, you can use some wicker baskets for storage to replace the drawers like you can see in the picture.

Other than that, the neutral color is the best option for any kind of room.

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Instead of spending dollars for a manufactured home entertainment center, you can try some ideas from our article to make your own in your living room.

Besides budget-friendly, the DIY project could give you the most suitable and desired home entertainment center for sure.

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