August 9, 2022


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20 Charming Blue and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

You sure know how a specific combination of two colors with completely different natures can act as a one merged energy and provide the living room interior with superb ambiance. For instance, blue and yellow is a powerful mix of primary cold and warm colors which act as a super dynamic duo in providing the living room with refreshing ambiance and exclusively modern appearance. Regardless of the shade of blue and yellow, this is a perfect combination for achieving both vibrant and relaxing ambiance in the living room. The secret of this two colors that work so good as a team is that they complement each other, blue brings the freshness and vibrant note , while the yellow soothes the excessive dynamic, add warmth and cozy feel in the interior. We’ve gathered a showcase of 20 Super Refreshing Blue and Yellow Living Room Design Ideas which could serve as an inspiration. Enjoy!

Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Laygrace

The way designer has subtly applied the pastel yellow and blue tones in the overall beige and bright living room is simply awe inspiring. The accent armchair with pastel lemon yellow tone acts as a center and focal point in the overall bright interior, while the pastel blue motifs add freshness and cheery note in the interior.

Bold Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Gaif

Wow! We love the burst of bright and dynamic navy blue and lemon yellow, and at the same the high contrast that is perfectly attained in this beautiful and bold living room. The navy blue damask wallpaper creates super dramatic and bold ambiance in the place, while the yellow sofa soothes down the ambiance and provide cozy and bright feel.

Bright Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: interior gallery design

Wow! The bright and cozy feel of this amazing living room is just dashingly sweet and so powerful. The yellow walls act as a great balance in the fairly spacious and big living room, while the blue armchair bring freshness and cool vibrant note in the overall relaxed and tranquil living room with super cozy ambiance.

Charming Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: panican

The bright yellow wallpaper with white pattern creates a lively and ecstatic visual in the overly chic and charming living room decorated with distinctive style and taste. The vibrant blue armchair strikes dashingly through all the noise of the living room and provides the interior with sharp and fresh ambiance.

Chic Navy Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Homedit

We love the combination of navy blue and pastel yellow, it’s simply outstanding! We love how this living room is utterly simple and yet dashingly modern and contemporary. The vibrant and bold energy that takes place in this beautiful interior is just really hard not to notice. This combination of tones is perfect for creating a simple and beautiful living room.

Classic Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: enmerit

The sunny yellow walls are so bright and powerful, right? – The combination of bright yellow walls and bright blue motifs create a super lively and ecstatic ambiance in the overly spacious and cozy family living room. This two shades has merged perfectly and formed an amazing balance and lively vibe in the place.

Cozy Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: house of hue

We love the dominance of the bright yellow color, it has such a luminous effect in this cozy family living room, providing it with bright and lively vibe. The navy blue armchair strikes through the relaxing yellow ambiance and provide the place with modern and contemporary statement.

Elegant Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: John Stephen Design

The soft and super charming ambiance that is clearly dominant in this super bold living room are due to the perfect combination of pastel yellow and pale turquoise color that create amazing and vibrant ambiance.

Inviting Yellow and Blue Living Room

Image Source: Bhg

We love the breezy and beautiful appearance of this super charming yellow and blue living room, decorated with perfect sense of style. The blue coffee table breaks through the melon yellow wall and creates a super warm and beautiful ambiance in the place.

Modern Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Real Simple

We just love this living room, is so modern and contemporary. The navy blue wall broken through with motifs of yellow creates a super bold and dramatic ambiance in the eclectic and modern living room.

Pastel Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Decordraw

This living room looks so soft and charming, right? – The light turquoise in combination with the yellow details create a super soft and adorable ambiance in this really charming and relaxing living room.

Quirky Chic Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: House To home

So modern and so quirky! We love the accent artwork, that gloriously strikes through the pastel blue wall and creates a super dramatic focal point in the place. The pastel yellow sofa soothes down the dynamic and adds cozy and warm feel in this super modern living room.

Royal Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Decorpad

This living room looks extremely beautiful and neat, right? We love the variety of patterns sublimed with two tones of yellow and vibrant blue which brings all the details together and creates one complete vibrant energy.

Sleek Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: guata crazy night

Wow! Well, this is something! The super bright yellow wall, perfectly broken through with navy blue sofa create the high contrast effect of the place and add a super bold and modern appearance in the living room. We love it!

Soft Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: designhome

The pastel shades of blue and yellow have a marvelous effect in this charming and cozy living room. We love the combination of the pastel shades and how they merged perfectly in order to create the soft and charming ambiance in this awesome living room.

Stylish Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Home Idea

So vibrant and chic, right? The dominant ultra marine creates a deeply vibrant and refreshing appearance in the overly chic and beautiful living room, broken through with tiny yellow details that brights up the place and provide it with warm and cozy ambiance.

Traditional Blue and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Home Deisgn Lover

Beside the perfect combination of the tale blue and bright yellow, we also love the high ceiling structure of the walls of this beautiful and modern living room. The color disposition is perfectly done, in order the vibrant and cozy ambiance can be merged in one balanced and relaxed energy.

Turquoise and Yellow Living Room

Image Source: Bess

The main ambiance of this beautiful living room is utterly bright, charming and ecstatic. The color disposition is just marvelous, the pastel yellow provide the place with soothing effect, while the intense pastel turquoise brights up the place and brings a lively and vibrant ambiance in the place.

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