December 8, 2023

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20 Functional Family Room Design Ideas

20 Functional Family Room Design Ideas

It is rare to have a room in the house that has permission to be different than the other rooms in terms of design. With the family room, the needs of the whole family supersede those of the family’s tastemaker in design. While the living room may be ornate, the family room is meant to be functional.

There are several ways you can create this atmosphere – a really simple way is putting the pieces in place that facilitate activities your family enjoys. If the family enjoys board games, then a sturdy coffee table is needed. Likewise, comfortable chairs are the way to go for a family that loves to read. The family room design caters to the activities of the family.

Getting the functional family room your family will love is as simple as this list of 20 photos. Check them out and use them to create your perfect family room.

1. Ceiling Fans

Tiny hanging fans are a quaint and whimsical alternative to the usual ceiling fan for this family room.

2. Shag Stripes

A soft shag rug in neutral stripes helps to delineate the boundaries of this living room from the adjoining kitchen.

3. Side Tables

Colorful side tables and throw pillows give a pop of personality to this neutral family room.

4. Orange Leather

Striking orange leather makes this sectional and matching recliner stand out amid the modern décor and warm woodwork.

5. Exposed Beams

Exposed rough-hewn beams grace the slanted ceiling of this family room.

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