December 6, 2023

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20 Solid Exterior Concrete Stairs Design(WITH PICTURES)

20 Solid Exterior Concrete Stairs Design(WITH PICTURES)

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Concrete might not be the prettiest material but this versatile workhorse of the architectural world still has the same potential to stand out as any other building material. Concrete exterior stairs (like the staircase pictured above) can add a sleek, modern look to your backyard or front entrance. Here’s a few ideas to help you get inspired.

jomi construction

While very simple, this rustic outside stairs design is both easy to build and offers a no-nonsense entry into any space. It’s perfect for backyards.

contemporary-exterior (1)

 normandy remodeling

Concrete  outside stairs case can even look grand as seen here. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a private college.

contemporary-exterior (2)
Choate Houses

While small, these exterior staircase  have a lot to say. With a gentle yet rough finish, they blend into the background and don’t distract from the rest of the garden.

modern-exterior (5)
kingdom builders

Even when you keep them simple, concrete outdoor staircase design  can still do a lot for a modern home.

Image: boswell construction

Angles are sexy and this very modern home makes the best of these sprawling concrete stairs, which offer a clear transition between the home and the yard.

traditional-exterior (1)
boswell construction

Well lit, these concrete stairs do the job well. And they’re even ADA accessible thanks to a sloping ramp off to the side.

contemporary-exterior (3)
creativ earch

Gently rising up the hill, these stairs add a lot of charm to this contemporary home.

contemporary-exterior (4)

Subtle and sublime, these stairs let the rest of the yard do the talking.

contemporary-exterior (5)
clark design build

Deep cuts and lots of angles add interest to what would otherwise be a rather mundane stairway.

contemporary-exterior (6)

Flowing out from between a tiered garden, these stairs help emphasize this home’s modern look.

modern-exterior (1)

Installing lighting under the stairs can give your stairs a lot of charm without a lot of effort.

contemporary-exterior (7)

The angles in this set of stairs work well with the home’s boxy angles.

contemporary-exterior (8)

This elegant, modern home is given a set of stairs that don’t draw attention away from its unique architecture.

contemporary-exterior (9)

Adding tiling or mosaics to your stairs can add a lot of personality to an often neglected part of the home.

contemporary-exterior (10)

Adding plenty of bricks, lighting, and plants by your stairs help make your entry way a conversation piece.

contemporary-exterior (11)
david sonwalker

Even a set of simple lights by each step will help add interest to your stairway and increase visibility at night.

contemporary-exterior (12)
anav design

These stairs work well with the rest of the house, emphasizing the home’s sharp angles and modern flair.

contemporary-exterior (13)


Soft lighting will help your stairway stand out in the best possible ways.

contemporary-exterior (14)
Alloy Homes

Pairing your stairs with a natural brick wall will help give your entryway a clean, contempotary look.

modern-exterior (2)

But sometimes, it’s okay to keep your stairs subtle. Let your home do the talking if you don’t have a big front yard or backyard to spare.

Don’t neglect your stairs. Even though they may not be the prettiest part of the house, concrete stairs can still add a lot of interest to your front and back yard.

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