A day in the life of a luxury interior designer for millionaires

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Cheryl Eisen is unapologetically not a morning person.

In sharp contrast to the many executives who wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m, Eisen starts her day slowly, waking up at 9 a.m. and enjoying a “caffeine cocktail” of Poland Spring water, espresso, Truvia, and Lactaid milk.

In all honesty, it takes until noon for my brain to fully wake up,” she told Business Insider.

Eisen, 50, is the CEO of Interior Marketing Group, or IMG, a New York City-based company of nearly 80 employees that does interior design, staging, and marketing for luxury homes that start at $5 million. Eisen has done the interior design for apartments in buildings belonging to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, an Airbnb rented by Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, and homes for Bethenny Frankel, Swedish real estate broker Fredrik Eklund, and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. IMG also does projects in

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Exterior colour design – NCS

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Product Description

Exterior Colour Design is a 2-day course from which you will gain knowledge about the exterior colour design principles, how colour change in an exterior environment and why that is. During this course you will learn to master the different design principles and practice them while doing your own customised exterior colour design project. Starting with colour perception and how it changes based on colour and material – and how they interact. In the course you will also learn how colours change when outdoors and how to combine colours on a house while taking windows, roof, base and downpipes in consideration.

During day two you will be able to apply your gained knowledge to a customised exterior colour design project. Get professional feedback from our teacher and the opportunity to discuss your interior colour design with the other course participants.


  • Basic exterior colour design
  • Dimensions of colour,
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Ceiling Designs

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in this post we will represent for you all stretch ceiling design that previously shared in this blog , to know more details about each design click on its image to be redirected to its article

click on the image to maximize

it’s a streamlined stretch ceiling, the white parts in this design were made of solid pvc to install the stretched   reflexive parts that takes the brown color, the brown part has many small halls in its body to make a view like the stars in the sky with the lighting that was installed under the ceiling
creative design for a living room stretch ceiling , this reflexive triangle in the center of the ceiling is  made of flexible PVC , this triangle makes the ceiling design suitable for the living rooms that have a length  larger than its width
wonderful stretch ceiling for bedrooms , this artistic design

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Exterior Color Design by Cooper Stepp HOME

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Welcome to ExteriorColorDesign.com, a division of Cooper Stepp & Associates, Inc. a full service branding agency located in Dallas,Texas.

The Art of Colorful Exterior Design starts with branding at your buildings doorstep.

Your color curb appeal, whether paint, landscape design and colorful flower design, or signage attract attention.             

The degree or depth of paint color tones, all comes in to play when when setting a look for your image. Color can cost a business foot traffic & clients, or draw traffic in the door and make is successful. Color can sell, it’s the forgotten amenity for many companies.  What does your exterior say about your company image? 

Signage Color plays a very important role in complementing your exterior design. Notice the previous colors chosen and the changes made.  We took in to account all colors involved with this project. 
The Exterior is an extension of the interior.

Don’t let the

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Adventures in Decorating & Design: Ruler Growth Chart

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I have been seeing these wonderful ruler growth charts on blogs and Pinterest.  The first one I saw was here:
Love it!  Easy to follow instructions and great pictures!  Of course I had to make my own and make it a little bit different.  Here is what you need:

A 6 foot 10″x1″ or 8″x1″ board (I used a 10″x1″)
Printed off large numbers in different fonts.  (I made them the size of a printable piece of paper in Word.)
Printed off  smaller numbers for the ruler part.
Clear Sealer
Paint pen

Start with sanding down the board and the sides:

Wipe all the dust off and print off your numbers:

Here is a picture of my numbers 1-6, plus the smaller numbers.  I only printed the outline of the numbers in order to save ink. Then I measured out where I wanted the board to hang

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Real Life Decorating

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Whether you’re moving into a new home or updating a single room, you’ll find inspiration here. See color schemes, paint techniques, and window treatments to fit your life and your style.

Make your bed, literally, with these four unique headboard-decorating ideas that will suit an existing bedroom décor or inspire a new one.

See one example of how wall décor transformed a dining room into a vibrant living space, and put these decorating ideas to work in your home.

From country-French to traditional swags, Katrin Cargill knows window treatments. Check out these creative approaches to home décor.

Decorating Magazines

Eliminate the guess work and see what your house will look like before you redecorate.

• Beautiful Homes
• Creative Home
• Decorating
• Paint Décor

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Matching Your Interior & Exterior Styles

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Certain design principles apply to all house plans. Proportion, rhythm, creating a focal point—these are the kinds of considerations that interior designers and architects obsess over in a home plan. Today we’re covering a universal and timeless design tenet: Unity between interior and exterior styles.

A consistent interior/exterior theme creates a soothing, enjoyable experience for the visitor and resident alike. Uniformity between indoor and outdoor spaces is pleasing to the human eye. So, if your home’s exterior has a Spanish Colonial feel, it makes sense to continue this theme indoors.

To help you achieve interior/exterior design harmony, we’ve gathered a few characteristics of two of our most popular styles of home plans: Craftsman home plans and contemporary home plans.

Common Elements in Craftsman-style Home Interiors

Built-in bookcases and other built-in storage options, such as bench storage on the porch.

Hardware with a patina. Look to specialty hardware stores to

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COTE DE TEXAS: Webb Design: The Albans House

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Last fall, my neighbor directly across the street approached me about decorating her house. What a job! Across the street – who can argue with that? I absolutely loathe taking jobs across town, and as I have gotten older, I am really not accepting work outside the loop – well, outside the beltway I guess. My days of traveling past the airport for work are over, especially now with the blog. I just don’t have the time to spend it fighting Houston’s horrendous traffic. So commuting by foot is definitely tempting – and I gladly accepted the job. My neighbor has two dogs, one senior citizen and one puppy (who once ran away and I had to chase after him for thirty minutes with no luck – even dangling What-A-Burger fried chicken as a bribe, which he scoffed at. Now there’s a new invisible fence around the perimeter of their

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The 15 Best Interior Designers of Oklahoma CityBuildDirect Blog: Life at Home

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Reading Time: 4 minutes


Who is the best interior designer in Oklahoma City? Vote for your fave and suggest designers in the comments section of this post that we missed on this list of 15.


The capital state of Oklahoma is home to diverse and fashionable neighborhoods, modern architecture, and historic districts. With the funky creative vibe of the Plaza District and Spanish revival architecture in the Paseo Arts District, Oklahoma City is brimming with culture and design lovers.

The interior designers of Oklahoma City make the interiors as worthy of sight-seeing as the permanent sculptures in the Myriad Botanical Gardens. We’ve gathered the 15 most talented interior designers in the city. Check out our list, and let us know who your favorite is in the poll below!

Karen Black

Karen studied interior design at the University of Oklahoma through the College of Architecture. She has been designing kitchens for 30

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40 Ideas of How To Design Exterior Stairways

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Getting from one place to another is rarely a problem when it comes to exterior design because, unlike interiors, you seldom have to worry about permanent structural elements, like walls, getting in the way. Building a stairway can be, to some, the most intimidating tasks any builder – amateur or professional – tackles. But an outdoor stairway is generally not a difficult project, as long as it is planned and executed carefully. Concrete steps are widely used for the outdoors because it is durable, easy to maintain and versatile. A lot of designers prefer the use of concrete for the exterior because you can do mostly anything to it like painting, staining, applying tiles or even shape it this way and that and provides designers with the opportunity to incorporate the environment to the design.

also view: 15 Attractive Step Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Spaces


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