Interior and Exterior Concrete Floor Design Ideas

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Often, when it comes to concrete floor design ideas, the typical options are considered: painting, tile, wood, or carpet. Basic looks and color palettes have given way to hi-def designs and textures. Given the endless array of flooring options available, it has never been easier to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Cool concrete flooring kitchen designs.

Inside the Design Ideas for “Flooring” the latest techniques and patterns will be explained for both interior and exterior floors. Decorative concrete flooring is the ideal alternative to traditional surfaces. Do you desire a floor that can achieve superior stain-resistance, be the most durable, have low maintenance, and reduce fears over slip-resistance? If so check out the never ending possibilities for living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, patios, sunrooms, outdoor scaping, sidewalks, and driveways, painting floors and painting concrete

Decorative concrete flooring solutions can be installed by a professional, or in

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30+ Inspiring Farmhouse Home Exterior Design Ideas

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Are you daydreaming of owning a luxurious home lavished with unique furnishings or perhaps your mind wanders to the charming little cottage nestled among the trees? What about a countrystyle farmhouse tucked away out in the sticks with nothing but the honeysuckle scented breeze and birds as your neighbors? Perhaps you would rather feel soft glistening sand beneath your feet as you step off of the deck of your new beachfront retreat. Just imagine the possibilities! Whether you’re dreaming of living in a mansion or your idea of home sweet home is a quaint little abode by the creek, take a stroll with me as we tour some amazing home styles.

Luxurious Home Styles
When thinking of luxurious houses, oftentimes a mansion comes to mind. Even though mansions are indeed luxurious, there are many other gorgeous homes that deserve the title. Colonial style homes are magnificently eyecatching with their towering

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The Top 10 Tired Interior Design Trends to Ditch in 2018

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Figuring out what makes for good design is an admittedly subjective exercise: Ask a dozen experts their thoughts on, say, why faux Mid-Century Modern is still popular in American interior design long after “Mad Men” has left us, and you’ll likely get a dozen different opinions.

Nevertheless, some home design trends manage to rise to mass acceptance. Thanks to unstoppable forces like HGTV and Pinterest—which might be single-handedly responsible for the misguided installation of thousands of sliding barn doors over the past few years—these trends tend to take on a life of their own.

And sometimes they just won’t die, even when they absolutely should.

Which are the worst offenders that need to go in 2018? We’ve chatted with experts from coast to coast to get their consensus on the top interior design trends we won’t miss in the new year.

1. Cement tiles

Photo by Buckminster Green LLC


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Solid Rugs for Living Rooms, Bedrooms & More

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Solid Rugs: Round, Rectangular & Beyond

Complete the room with a solid-colored rug. Single shade area rugs tie together pre-existing furniture and decor, filling out the look of the entire space. Before deciding on a material and hue for your solid rug, be sure to consider where in the home you want it to live; that way it’s easy to take the room’s aesthetic into account. For example, is the rug going underneath a sofa, coffee table or accent chair in the living room? Try and select one that elevates those pieces and gives the space a cohesive vibe. Or, opt for modern eclecticism and pick a solid rug that’s bold and eye-catching. Additionally, it’s important to determine which shape of rug is the best fit for the room. Rectangular ones are an ideal pick for larger rooms, while round rugs are often easier to arrange in smaller kitchens and

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Characters and Scenes for Storyboarding & Design

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comic characters and scenes you can use to develop great product

Mary, AnaLi, Pravin, Joe, Miguel, Galina and others to build design
stories for your products or web sites. Lots of emotions, angles, and
Scenes Scenes
Scenes of the characters on the phone, interacting with one another,
and in out-of-the office locations.
Examples Examples
Examples of full comic stories and tips on what makes a good story.
In The Works In The Works
A bit of information about new scenes and
characters in development.
Backstory Backstory
How these comics and this web site came to be.
Collaboration Collaboration
How to add your own scenes and characters.
Source Files Source

Graphic source files in JPEG, PNG, and
Adobe Illustrator format.

A note on
file formats:

Most of the files on this site are in slide (presentation) format,
which we’ve found is the best way to develop and share storyboards in
distributed teams. The slides

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Contemporary furniture/modern furniture/contemporary living rooms/Weiman/new jersey/nj/new york/ny/connecticut/ct/pennsylvania/pa

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Private Label Fabrics

   Why settle for the limited selections of
fabrics other stores offer.
Now, for the first time, The Contemporary
Couch offers its exclusive line of private
label fabrics. Unlimited choices,
unlimited coordinations.
Enjoy the video, and please stop in soon
to see our latest designs.


Our New Window:

Whether it's just the right pillow coordinates, unique color ranges, textural choices and even beautiful metallics, we believe our fabric collection is the best in the country.

Many homes today feature open floor plans for the dining and living area. Our oval carrera marble dining table imported from Italy is surrounded by tall back chairs covered in the bold grey and yellow boxed print. The others are covered in the white metallic and highlighted by the silver metallic vinyl.

oval carrera marble dining table imported from Italy is surrounded by tall back chairs covered in the bold grey and yellow boxed print.

Shapely designs have always been featured at ‘The Contemporary Couch.’ Covered in a white metallic cover, this design makes a fashion statement. The coordinating pillows are brought to life by a spectacular custom area rug. A

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Best of 2016: Living Rooms

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This is the seventh round-up in our “Best of 2016” series!

It’s that time of the year when I like to look back at what happened, to remember good times and lessons learned, and to start planning for the future. It’s also a great opportunity to go over some of my favourite posts and to review what was published on Nordic Design. I browsed through the 200+ articles shared with you this year,  and I’ve created a “Best of” series by looking at the most read, liked and shared content. I’ve gathered dozens of beautiful and inspiring pictures all worth remembering and pinning for future reference.

Here are 18 of the most gorgeous living rooms we’ve featured on Nordic Design in 2016.

Which one is your favourite?


1. Bright and Spacious Copenhagen Apartment

P.S. I am soon launching the Nordic Design Insiders Club! You’ll get premium content, exclusive archive, access

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BBC – Homes – Design

Chastity Fabry

Light panels and suspended globes

Our living rooms are now multi-purpose spaces used for everything from watching television and reading to dining, entertaining and hobbies. With a flexible lighting scheme, you can create the illusion of different spaces for different activities, all within one room.

The lounge is where accent lighting really comes into its own: use it to highlight collections of books, glass, pictures, plants, ornaments or just one cherished piece to make a real statement.

Choose tungsten bulbs for a rosy, welcoming glow. Don’t restrict yourself by making your lighting plan too fixed. For example, don’t position recessed downlighters at either end of the sofa or above other items of furniture, as you may want to move it all around at a later date.

With so many products on the market, you can choose your fittings to blend in with your overall scheme, whether you go for the period look, such

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Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors

Chastity Fabry

Hardwood floors and living rooms are a classic combination. The two go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Homeowners should embrace the versatile of hardwood floors.

A hardwood floor flecked with patina add primitive appeal to a rustic or country living room while one with a smooth, glossy finish lends elegance to the most sophisticated living room.


Under a wooden coating refers to a massive board and piece parquet. These are materials that are 100% made of natural solid wood, but differ in their parameters with the similarity of the basic properties. The massive board has much larger dimensions.

Natural wood as a living room flooring has many advantages:

  • durability. With proper care, it can last several decades, and in which case the board and piece parquet can be cycled, getting an updated ideal coating;
  • beautiful appearance that gives the interior luxury and real coziness. Depending on the
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Photo Gallery: Log Home Living Rooms

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Whether it’s for a quiet movie night or entertaining guests during a family gathering, there is no better place to congregate than your log home living room. As the focal point of the home, this spaces is meant to include inviting areas, possibly featuring a cozy fireplace, comfortable furniture and smart window design to capture the view. This is where you’ll spend most of your time, so take your time designing and planning this space. Our photo gallery of log home living rooms will help you get started.

Great Room With Fireplace

Three Great Rooms That Are Completely Awe-Inspiring

Embracing the “open-concept” ideal long before it was in vogue, the great room is the place where log home living is done. A warm hearth, comfy seating and grand views lie at the heart of this quintessential log home space.

Small Log Cabin With Chinking

Small Log Cabins With Big Ideas

One look at these darling cabins is all you

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