Kuwait City: Around 2,400 residency violators visit the Ministry of Interior daily to amend their status, around 400 visitors across six different governorates, Al Rai reported.

The Ministry of Interior has extended the grace period until the end of December for those that are looking to fix their visa status. One must pay a fine to receive a new residency.

In an effort to organize the process, the Ministry has set up a website where expats can make an appointment, in their respective governorate, prior to their visit.

Earlier this month, the Ministry announced that the grace period has been extended to December 31, shortly after it stated that the extension period was supposed to end on November 30.

The Ministry has reaffirmed that those who do not amend their residency permits by the deadline will face legal consequences.

Grace period extensions

The first grace period began at the start of the pandemic in March and was supposed to end in May.

Then the Ministry extended the grace period, as governmental agencies remained shut, therefore announcing that expats were permitted to extend their residency permits and visits visas for another three months, until end of August.

Another extension period was granted between September 1 and November 30.

The Ministry of Interior announced that during the extension period all residency permits were automatically processed by the Ministry’s online service, to avoid crowding at the Residency Affairs department.