December 5, 2023

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28 Elegant Living Room Ideas For Your Home

28 Elegant Living Room Ideas For Your Home

Elegant decorating is an art form for it requires restraint. Some styles, such as country or farmhouse chic, are enhanced by a bit of clutter.

28 Elegant Living Room Ideas For Your Home

Elegant decorating, however, requires a certain level of respectful taste, a sense of refinement and knowing when ‘enough is enough’. Elegant should not be confused with stuffy or pompous.

Your Living room is one of the best places to showcase aesthetic in your house. These 28 living room ideas show that your home can be elegant in many ways.

Easily Elegant

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 2
This room makes elegant decorating look easy. The side table is perfectly positioned between two vintage arm chairs, each with their own foot stools. The built-in cabinet is used as a liquor cabinet, which instantly transforms their liquor into art. Other details, such as the custom shades for the skylights and the velvet drapery, make this room the ideal place for elegant living.

Calm and Serene

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 3
Get ready to relax in this serene living room. The overstuffed white couches are a charming juxtaposition to the marble mantle of the fireplace. Hardwood floors gleam and pair nicely with the the stone steps that lead to the hallway.

Light and Open

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 4
This living room shows that open concept living can be elegant. The living room is not only open to the kitchen and dining area, but to another living area as well. The two living spaces are separated by a sparsely decorated courtyard and both feature a predominantly white color scheme.

Breezy and Elegant

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 5
This tastefully appointed living room is the ideal spot to unwind after a long day. The white sofa and matching arm chair are simply adorned with throw pillows and a blanket. The matching side tables are tastefully, but sparsely decorated with only the basic necessities. The arches of the exposed brick wall successfully and stylishly separate the kitchen from the living room.

Colorful Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 6
This room shows that quirky touches and bold patterns work within the elegant decorating scheme. The ikat pattern of the side chairs lend subtle quirk to the space while the colorful pendant lights hanging over the nearby kitchen island kick up the quirk factor. Other decorative touches are unneeded with a view like that one.

Understated and modern

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 7
Skip the theater, this living room is the place to watch the latest blockbuster. The sectional sofa features ample seating, plus a chaise lounge and its some of its throw pillows match the armchair. Other details, such as the wood floor and stone feature wall, work together to create an elegant space that’s clearly influenced by natural elements.

Warm Yourself by the Fire

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 8
When cold weather hits, the place to be is the leather settee in front of this modern fireplace. However, the elegant touches of this room can be enjoyed year-round. The travertine marble floor and fireplace surround are as much artwork as the two sculptures that are on display.

Shades of Gray

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 9
This living room shows the successful pairing of classic and elegant style of decorating. Classic touches, such as the stone floor and leaded glass window panels, pair with the elegant touches, such as the Oriental rug and tray ceiling, to create a perfectly decorated space.

Breathtaking Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 10
This living room is beautifully elegant from any angle, such as from the adjoining kitchen or nearby dining room. However, it’s the interior balcony that makes the most visual impact. The homeowners were wise to employ an elegant decorating scheme. The minimal use of decorative objects makes this room feel timeless.

Stunning Chandelier

28 Elegant Living Room Ideas For Your Home
Vintage charm can be found everywhere in this elegant living room. The wallpaper, featuring vertical stripes of soothing taupe and cream, lend subtle drama to the living room while the over-the-top chandelier in the adjoining dining room is a show stopper. The velvet armchairs and settee bench amplify the vintage charm.

Tray Ceilings Galore

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 12
These homeowners know the importance of understated elegance. Complementary furnishings unite the living room with the adjoining dining area and kitchen and the large windows allow for guests to take in the beautiful views. The real treats of this space are the tray ceilings in each individual space.

Compare and Contrast

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 13
Behold the use of color in this combined kitchen, dining space and living room. The furniture in the kitchen and dining space is black, but the adjoining living room features white furnishings with subtle black accents. The windows of the two-story living room flood the space with natural light.

Mirror Image

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 14
Classic and elegant touches abound in this living room. The wainscoting and wall sconces were carefully planned and beautifully executed. The real stars of the room are the flower patterned ceiling medallion which mirrors the flower rug directly below.

Funky Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 15
With a view like that, this room doesn’t need any decoration. However, the purple couch does add a touch of flamboyant elegance to the space. It was wise to keep the furnishings and window treatments to a minimum. This view is too pretty to cover.

Fabulous Feature Wall

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 16
This room is breathtaking. The simple furnishings allow the embellished pendant lights to shine and the simple mounting of the flat-screen television proves that TVs work in elegant spaces. However, it’s the stone feature wall that is the real star of the room. With a wall like that, who needs to watch TV?

Fantastic Fireplace

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 17
This living room shows us how to do casual elegance right. The expansive fireplace is breathtaking, but the wrought iron spindles of the stair railing and built-in cabinetry are gorgeous in their own right. The furnishings are kept simple so as not to compete with the fireplace.

White on White

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 18
This living room oozes with vintage charm. The white walls, white furnishings and white window treatments work together to create a room that is serene and elegant. The elegance factor is further enhanced by the custom artwork and ornate chandelier.

Elegant and Welcoming

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 19
This living room is as elegant as it is welcoming for it seems like the ideal room to hold a cocktail party with colleagues or a movie marathon with friends. The lit-up tray ceiling literally shines and lends an understated glamor to the space.

Exotic Influences

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 20
Note how these homeowners incorporate exotic influences into their elegant living room. Exotic sculptures and natural foliage keep the room from feeling stale. The cream colored carpet paired with the cream colored walls keep the room fresh and clean.

Open and Airy

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 21
Wow. The wall of sliding glass doors is beautiful in its own right and it lets in that abundance of natural beauty. The simple elegance of the living room pairs beautifully with the adjoining outdoor deck. Any other decoration is simply unnecessary.

Elegant Ceiling

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 22
Installing a tray ceiling transform the standard, borderline boring ceiling into a work of art. The other decorative items in the room are kept simple, but still stylish. The white leather sectional provides ample seating and style.

Classical Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 23
This room has it all. The bamboo shades and hand scraped wood coffee table bring in texture while the tone-on-tone pattern of the drapes bring in subtle pattern. The use of traditional moulding on the fireplace and trim makes this room lends a feel of classical elegance.

Elegant Fireplace

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 24
Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book by the roaring fire in this elegant living room? The green wall treatment makes this house feel centuries old and the moon face tiles lend a pleasing touch of quirkiness. The floral details, found on the throw pillows and piano, balance the room’s design.

Minimal Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 25
This room makes a huge impact with only three colors. The black wood floor, gray sectional and white walls work together to create minimal elegance. The show stopper is the gray and white marble wall that serves as a beautiful focal point.

Dramatic Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 26
This room is dramatic. The stairway leading to the entresol is a modern design masterpiece and allows for those on the second flooor to truly appreciate the living room’s sloped wooden ceiling. The many patterned wood floor is a piece of art as is the corner fireplace.

Window to Paradise

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 27
This living room has no bad views. First, there’s the expansive stone tiled fireplace that is as much a piece of art as it is a source of heat. Second, there’s that view which, due to the wall of sliding glass doors and clerestory windows, can be enjoyed by everyone. The white leather couch and black leather arm chairs complete the look without interference.

Classic Appeal

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 28
This living room is practically perfect. The symmetrical placement of the furnishings as well as the decorative objects are classically elegant. The polished wood floor brings in texture and color to the overall muted color scheme. The open concept living and dining space allow for many to enjoy the space at once.

Simple Elegance

28 Elegant Living Room Designs 29
This living room is a beautiful example of simple elegance. The traditional, symmetrical placement of the couches and armchairs allow for conversation as well as draw attention to the room’s focal point, the fireplace. The classical mouldings for the trim and fireplace are painted the same shade of white as the walls but still manage to get your attention. Well done!

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