December 5, 2021


Your Dream House


The living room could be your favourite spot to hang out with your family when you have a comfortable place to stay together. The modern living room design could make you comfort chit-chatting with your beloved people in the tea-time.

Many people agree that the living room is the main room of the house due to its functions. You can have many activities especially hanging out and chatting with your family in this room without spending much money to go out. The modern living room ideas help you to deliver what you need to get the stunning main room of the house.

If you place some antiques in this room, you can keep them to the storeroom and place the modern furniture to get this brand new living room. Make sure that you have the natural sunlight from the window of the room. Decorating the window can serve you double functions that are the ventilation and the beauty of the decoration as well.

The living room design of coastal décor is about a combination of the rugs and the bold colours that are typical to the modern Bohemian style. Add the motive carpet to cover the floor with a neutral colour to vibrant the room.

The exposed brick wall could be the option if you want to have a modern country living room that you combine it with the neutral colour of the sofa and its table. Design the floor with the wooden motive tiles that brings you the natural look of the living room.

Who said that modern could not use the pattern? It’s a bit wrong. You can combine the pattern of the carpet and the bold colours of the sofa but still paint the wall in white to neutralize the look. The white wall can expose the colourful items in your living room as well. Place a bookshelf to decorate the room and to organize the pieces of the display.

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