September 25, 2023

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35+ Exciting Contemporary Traditional Exterior Design Ideas

35+ Exciting Contemporary Traditional Exterior Design Ideas

Do you feel bored with the exterior design of your home? Don’t have enough references to choose the right exterior design? Don’t worry. You might get inspired after reading a few simple exterior design tips and tricks below.

This simple exterior design is perfect for those of you who like simplicity, but can still enjoy life in peace and comfortable home. This design was created for 4-5 family members and also 1 or 2 vehicles.

This one-story building can design with several well-known home concepts such as classic design, modern, rustic, or whatever. That way, the application of the exterior design of your building will be more leverage.

Or if you are a lover of Indonesian culture, the use of traditional houses as the main design of the building will also be more enjoyable. You can make Joglo, Tongkonan, and other unique designs as references to make an arty house building but still comfortable to be occupied by all family members.

A large yard and a suitable garage, you should also consider. Imagine how fun it is to play in a clean and comfortable yard. And the ease of parking your vehicle without any worries. Put some ornamental plants in the corner of the yard to create a homey and fresh natural feel. Tall plants like pine will also add a clean and beautiful impression to your home page.

The choice of wall paint colors is also an important point to create a beautiful exterior design. You can create an impression based on the choice of primary colors. Appropriate color gradation will create a beautiful and pleasant harmony. The use of soft colors like pastels is not recommended for outside paint, considering that direct sunlight will fade quickly. Primary colors like white, gray, and cream will be better if applied to outdoor paint. Then, the use of darker colors like dark brown in wood furnishings will also add aesthetic value to your building.

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