October 2, 2023

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42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room

42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room

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42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and Great Room cover

I know 42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room is an exceedingly long title!  But, it didn’t seem right to create 3 separate lists for these 3 separate types of rooms because, well, they are so similar {grin}.  So, if by chance you have all 3 of these rooms in your home, you’ll need to print the list 3 times.

In my house, I only have one such room.  I have a Great Room combined with my kitchen.  We don’t have a separate living room, but we do have a separate dining room.  When we had the opportunity to choose a new floor plan, after our house burned to the ground in the 2007 Southern California wildfire known as the Witch Fire, we decided we’d rather have the one large room.  Because I wanted everyone to be together at family events and parties.

You see, in our old house that we lost in the fire, we had a separate kitchen, a separate dining room and a separate living/family room that were separated by walls, doors and hallways.  Too much separation, in my opinion.  So, when I was in the kitchen cooking (which was often), I was always isolated from the activity that was happening in the rest of the house.

Plus, when we had a party or a family gathering, all the women were in my small kitchen and all the men were in the large living room watching TV.  Now this really isn’t a problem for most, but in my family we have mostly women and very few men!  So, the women were in the small kitchen getting in each other’s way and the men were in the large living room yucking it up and screaming at the sports events happening on the TV.

Well, I’ve solved that by having this one large room and when we have family events and parties, chaos rules!  But, its wonderful chaos, warm-fuzzy chaos, happy chaos and I’m a part of all of it!

If you are a new visitor to our blog, I create lists of 42 for household inventory purposes and for others to use in the event of a catastrophic loss.  It took us 9 months of working nights and weekends on our whole house inventory list that was a requirement of settling our personal property insurance claim.  If I can help lessen someone else’s burden by creating these lists that are always available on our website and Pinterest, then I’m happy to help in this small way.

Plus, I provide a FREE printable list at the end of every post that can be added to your own household inventory binder.  Here’s the list of 42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room:

  1. Sofa
  2. Love seat, chaise
  3. Chair(s), recliner(s)
  4. Ottoman and/or footstool
  5. Coffee table, sofa table
  6. End tables, occasional tables
  7. Decorative pillows, floor pillows
  8. Sofa blankets
  9. Television
  10. Media cabinet
  11. Bookshelf, decorative ledges
  12. CD player / DVD player
  13. Cable box, satellite receiver
  14. AM & FM receiver
  15. Surround sound system & speakers
  16. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces
  17. Drapes, curtains, valances, curtain rods
  18. Window blinds, window shades, window shutters
  19. Telephone
  20. Books, bookends
  21. CDs and DVDs
  22. Plants and plant containers
  23. Fireplace screens & equipment
  24. Paintings, prints, posters, photos
  25. Decorative objects & knick-knacks
  26. Magazines, magazine rack, basket
  27. Rug(s), carpet pad
  28. Desk and chair
  29. Ceiling fan, overhead lighting
  30. Light bulbs
  31. Extension cords, surge protectors
  32. Wall clock, table clock
  33. Candles, candleholders, lanterns
  34. Mirror (standing or hanging)
  35. Trunks, baskets, boxes
  36. Game table and chairs
  37. Games, puzzles, toys
  38. Armoire, étagère, display cabinet
  39. Coat rack, hall tree
  40. Screen, room divider
  41. Computer monitor, hard drive
  42. Dog bed, cat bed or tree

Coco in King Chair giving me the evil eye - 42 Things in Your Living Room

This is my cat, Coco.  He’s giving me the “evil eye” because I am taking his picture, yet again.  He’s in our great room on our king chair.  I call this the “king chair” because it’s a large chair.  We bought it so that we would have a sturdy arm-chair for elder relatives.  Most of them can’t get out of a chair without assistance and in particular, they can’t get out of a soft, squishy, comfortable chair – even one with arms!

Coco in the King Chair - 42 Things in Your Living Room

Coco sleeping in King Chair - 42 Things in Your Living Room

He’s closed his eyes now and is ignoring me – happy and secure in one of his favorite places!

Here’s your FREE printable checklist of this list of 42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room: TS4T Checklist – 42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and Great Room.


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