October 2, 2023

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5 Best Home Exterior Paint Colors

5 Best Home Exterior Paint Colors

exterior paint colors

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Over time, every home owner starts to wonder what their house might look like with a new splash of color. But there are so many exterior paint colors to choose from, where does one begin? We’ve rounded up some of the best exterior paint colors that will pair beautifully with your dream porch ideas, thanks to the help of some top experts in the field. Your home is just steps away from being a standout on the block, thanks to a new coat of paint and some equally dazzling shutters, trim, and door ideas.

“It’s important to note that exterior paint color trends don’t shift as often as interior trends colors—exterior paint colors typically are chosen based on architectural style and geography,” says Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager at PPG Paints.

Many of these colors opt for a lighter palette, electing cool coastal colors and soft neutrals that bring out the beauty in the existing natural materials. Grays, blues, and greens are particularly popular as are shades of white with pops of color. Before heading to your nearest paint store to create an exterior that matches the stunning landscaping ideas you’ve put together for spring, there are a few things to consider first:

•The architecture. “When selecting color for the exterior of a home, rather than focus on what is ‘in’ or ‘out,’ look to colors that are appropriate for the architecture of the home and take into consideration the building materials used on the home,” says Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore color and design expert.

•The surrounding houses. “I do recommend homeowners consider the neighborhood’s color palette to harmonize best with the environment,” says Sue Kim, Valspar color expert. “It’s best not to choose colors that are extreme, bright and bold to ensure they have a timeless exterior.”

•The power of neutrals. “When applied to exteriors, neutral color palettes can give a home a look of maturity, timelessness, and integrity,” Schlotter says. Look for shades that are not too warm and not too cool.

With those tips in mind, check out this list of some of the best exterior paint colors this season.


White with Bold Accents

You can’t go wrong with a classic. “To bring in accents of color that reflect your personal style or to add some personality to the exterior, use the front door as a colorful focal point,” Magno says. “Painting a house is a large project, so look to working on a smaller scale by painting a front door, which offers up the opportunity bring in a dash a color that can go a long way.”


Benjamin Moore White Diamond

This subtle shade of white will allow for your creativity to fly as far as adding accent colors on your door, shutters, and more.


Benjamin Moore Caliente

A red hot door in this fiery color is sure to catch the eyes of those passing your home.


Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze

Although a light hue of blue, this color will pop against the white exterior of your home while a red door will complement it.


Buttery Yellow

“Subtle yellows have the ability to breathe life into a home and can convey a friendly environment to guests,” Schlotter says. “A warm house is often perceived as more welcoming and family-oriented.” This buttery yellow will make guests feel instantly at home before they even step in the door. For contrast, opt for black shutters and white trim. But steer clear of overly bright yellows or neon shades, as they can easily clash or come off as aggressive and overpowering.


PPG Barely Butter

Present a cheery look for your home without it being over the top by opting for this subtle, buttery yellow for the exterior.


PPG Blackhearth

This dark paint will complement the yellow exterior of your home by using it for your shutters. 


Sugar Soap

A delicate off-white shade with red undertones is used on the trim of this earthy home to round out the welcoming style.


Sky Blue

“Working with colors inspired by the natural landscape creates an instant connection to the exterior of the home is always a good route to take, plus these colors will endure for years,” Magno says. “Also, the exterior of a house is a much larger scale than painting one room, so think about how a large amount of a color will look to avoid choosing a color that will be overly bright for the neighborhood.” Inspired by and named for the horizon, this pretty pastel blue (on the right) hits just the right now.


Benjamin Moore Horizon

The subtle undertones of this off-white color will allow for you to make your home stand out with contrasting dark shutters and door.


Warm Gray and Green

Gray is here to stay, Kim says. “I’ve noticed homeowners desire gray colors that complement their current exterior materials, such as stone or brick. I’ve seen a strong push for warm grays like 5006-2A Wet Pavement, which help balance the natural materials, as well as colorful neutrals like 5002-1B Smoke Infusion, which has a sense of sophistication.”


Valspar Smoke Infusion


The two-tone look of this home is possible with a subtle shade of gray, like this color that has green undertones.


Valspar Spearmint Shale


Complement the greenish-gray with this shade that’ll look stunning in the bright summer sun.


Valspar Wispy White


Paint the trim in this shade of white that has a gray hue to it to for a subtle pairing against the gray and green exterior. 


Moody Gray

Don’t be afraid to go to the dark side, either. Just keep the trim and surrounding landscaping light and airy, as seen here.


Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain

Go bold with this dark gray for your home’s exterior walls. It can be paired with a variety of accent colors.


Benjamin Moore Secret

Using a lighter tone for the trim is a great way to ensure cohesion.

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